In a world dominated by cell phones, most hotels still rely on landline phone systems. There’s a good reason for this. Landlines operate independently of power lines, so guests can always call for help even if a power line goes down. However, this doesn’t mean that hotel phone systems are doomed to stay outdated.

Cloud-based VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) phone systems provide this same benefit without the challenges of analog phone lines.

Although VoIP is connected to the internet, cloud or hybrid VoIP solutions offer a workaround by allowing users to access their business communication tools through mobile applications. As long as you have a mobile device with power, calls can be forwarded from the desk phone during an outage.

The question then becomes, which cloud VoIP phone system should your hotel choose? Mitel hospitality is an excellent choice for most hospitality businesses. If you’re not sure why, let’s explore what you should consider in your hotel VoIP system and how Mitel delivers.


When Should You Upgrade Your Hospitality Technology Solutions?

Switching to an efficient VoIP phone system like Mitel is a good idea anytime. However, there are a few tell tale signs that your hospitality service is in desperate need of an upgrade.


Frequent Call Drops

Experiencing frequent call drops can be frustrating for both your staff and guests. It’s also a clear indication that your current system is not up to par. By switching to VoIP, you’ll benefit from a more reliable connection.


Rising Maintenance Costs

Constant repairs and maintenance for an analog phone system can drain your resources. VoIP systems are more cost-effective and require minimal upkeep. This gives you significant savings on both time and money.


Limited Scalability

As your hospitality business grows, so should your phone system. If adding new lines or extensions is a hassle, it’s a sign you need an upgrade. VoIP systems are designed to scale with ease.


What Should All Hospitality Communications Solutions Provide?

Once you’ve decided to upgrade, you’ll have a lot of choices to assess. These are some of the features you may want to consider in your hospitality solution.


Advanced Call Features

Advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and multi-line support are vital. They not only improve guest satisfaction but also boost staff efficiency.


Mobile Integration

Your VoIP system should allow for integration with mobile devices. This lets staff stay connected on the go and enhances guest services with convenient features like mobile check-ins.


Call Analytics & Reporting

Detailed call analytics can provide insights into call patterns. This helps management optimize staffing during peak times and improve overall communication efficiency.


HD Voice Quality

Crystal-clear voice quality ensures that both staff and guests can communicate without any misunderstandings. This both prevents workflow bottlenecks and enhances the overall guest experience.


Why is Mitel The Ideal Hotel Phone System?

Mitel offers cloud-based VoIP solutions designed specifically for hotels and cruise lines. This means that they are ideally catered to the industry’s unique needs. Their system is both scalable and customizable. This means that you can optimize costs by paying only for the features you need for your specific business and easily scale up with growth.



Mitel’s main focus for hotel phone systems is also yours, enhancing guest experiences. All of their communications systems emphasize productive staff and quick guest service.

For instance, imagine a guest at the poolside orders a cocktail. With Mitel’s mobility solution, the pool attendant doesn’t need to walk to the bar. A quick message through the system ensures the drink is prepared and ready to be served.

This quick flow of information between staff members is especially important to large hotels. Requests for housekeeping, maintenance, or the kitchen can be instantly relayed even if they are far away.


What Other Business Communication Tools Should Hotel Management Use?

Phone systems are one of many communication tools that your business should use. Here are other tools and services you should consider.


Meet Your Complete Hospitality Industry Technology Provider

If it sounds like a hotel VoIP solution from Mitel is ideal for your business, your next step is to implement it. Wouldn’t it be great to find a Mitel reseller who can also help with your other hospitality communication needs?

Sunco Communication & Installation can be that provider. We’re a dedicated Mitel Platinum Reseller Partner and Hospitality Specialization Partner for 2023 and managed IT service provider who knows the hospitality industry inside out. Our hands-on approach helps ensure a seamless integration without the typical challenges of direct implementations.

Moreover, Sunco’s dedicated support and maintenance services ensure that you have a continuous partner, long after the initial setup. We’re also one of  Mitel’s Hospitality Specialization Partner for 2023. That means you know that we’ll know exactly what your hospitality business needs!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Sunco today to bring all that Mitel has to offer to your hotel business.

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