In today’s digital age, it is inconceivable to operate a business without the internet. Finding the right provider is important, but so is contract management and keeping on top of upgrades and new value-added services. You can do all the due diligence and administration yourself, but there is an easier way!

Why Business Internet Services?

First, ask yourself:

  1. Are your current business internet contracts up for renewal?
  2. Are you unhappy with your internet speeds or reliability?
  3. Do you need an internet outage failover strategy?
  4. Do you have multiple offices?

If this describes your organization, then our Business Internet Services are right for you! The Sunco team is committed to making business communication easier for you and internet services are one of those key areas where expert advice, management and support are a must.

Internet Service Package Options

Choose from:

  • our Basic Business Internet Service Package
  • one of our enhanced value-added Managed Internet Service options
  • or a combination of both!

Basic Business Internet Service Package:

  1. Free consultation: Before you sign that contract renewal, or finalize a lease or offer to purchase a new space, we’ll do the legwork and research what internet services and speeds are available in the area. Not sure what your business needs? We’ll educate you and design an expert solution that checks all the boxes.
  2. Convenient brokering service: Once we finalize what you need, we’ll shop your business to all the major providers – Bell, Shaw, Rogers, and Telus – to secure the fastest, most reliable internet connection (and more) for the best price.
  3. Contract negotiation and management: Sunco will negotiate the contracts on your behalf and be your main point of contact for the provider. Personalized service with no more call centre hassles!

Get started with our Basic Business Internet Services

Managed Internet Service options:

Choose one of the following options or customize your Basic package with our value-added Managed Internet Services. These allow Sunco the ability to proactively monitor your system 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime and utilization. We can provide usage reports and even alert you in case of an outage. These are available whether or not you choose our basic internet service package.

  • SIP trunking: Virtual phone lines over the internet.
  • Managed bonded internet: Bonding multiple connections together for increased speed and redundancy.
  • Managed SD-WAN: Software-defined private network delivered over the internet.  Download our SD-WAN/Bonding Fact Sheet for more details!
  • Managed firewall: Cloud-based network “traffic cop”.
  • Managed wireless LTE failover: Using cellular data in the event of a wired service outage.

Not sure if they are a fit? Ask us! There’s much to consider when researching, procuring and managing all aspects of your business internet system and it can be a complex, time-consuming exercise. Leave the work to us. Our years of experience will save you time, money and let’s face it, headaches!

Get started with our Managed Internet Services

Network service up for renewal? Call Sunco first!

Whether it is a fibre, cable, DSL, MPLS or PRI connection, Sunco will broker your business between all the major telcos to get you exactly what you need at the best price. What could be easier?

Read Our Business Internet Case Study

Why choose Sunco for your Business Internet?

Benefit #1

One-stop shopping

Purchase all your voice and internet services from one point of contact. No more dealing with call centers and multiple sales agents. We take care of everything for you with our personal, friendly support.

Benefit #2

Convenient brokering service

Sunco shops your internet business between all the major telcos without you having to make multiple calls and drive the negotiation process.   Save time and money by taking advantage of our objective, expert advice. We do all the heavy lifting on your behalf!

Benefit #3

Maximize uptime

With Sunco’s family of value-added managed internet services like internet bonding and wireless LTE failover, we can create a customized solution to ensure your clients and employees are connected 24/7. As part of our managed service offerings, we can proactively monitor your internet connection and report on service utilization and outages.

Benefit #4

Take the guesswork out of renewals

You’re busy running a business. Let us keep track of renewal due dates and handle the renegotiations. Never miss a deadline again and get stuck in a contract that may be more expensive or not meet your evolving needs.

Benefit #5

Streamline multiple contracts

The larger your business, the more contracts you may have and the more end-dates you’ll need to keep track of. Let us do this for you. When end-dates approach, we’ll ensure you have ample time and the proper advice to make the right decisions.

Benefit #6

Keep up-to-date on network expansions

We’ll keep on top of any new products and services available from your internet provider and negotiate upgrades on your behalf.

Benefit #7

Avoid the pitfalls of ‘bundling'

Many internet providers dress up their services by bundling them together. It might seem like you’re saving money, but often you’ll end up overpaying for certain services. Additionally, once you have a bundled internet package, it can be more challenging to change providers and/or services. Let a trusted partner like Sunco create a tailor-made package just for your company – saving you time and money!

Business internet systems getting unruly to manage?

Lean into Sunco's experience and support to help make it easier.

Better internet starts here!


If the service you're looking at promotes speeds "up to" a certain level, it isn't business grade.  Business grade refers to a fibre connection with guaranteed speeds, service levels (SLAs), and outage response times.  Download and upload speeds are independent of each other. A consumer grade service refers to a DSL, cable or a Telus Pure Fibre connection. Depending on what your business needs, this can be a great lower cost option. However, speeds are "best effort" and are dependant on the number of users in the area. Experiencing an outage? Repair times will vary.
If internet with guaranteed service levels and response times to outages is critical to the operation of your business, then a fibre connection is your best choice and worth the premium price tag. With fibre your speeds are unaffected by the volume of other users in the area and full duplex uploads don’t affect downloads. Refer to our blog Fibre Optics is the Future for more information.
Yes! Sunco offers a managed bonded internet service which takes two connections (fibre, DSL, cable, wireless or cellular LTE) and “bonds” them together for faster speeds at a more reasonable price. Another plus? If one provider goes down, the service seamlessly connects to the second provider and your business doesn’t miss a beat. Ask the Sunco team for more details on this new technology!
No you don't!  We’re the experts so let the Sunco team do all the legwork and broker your business between Bell, Telus, Shaw, and Rogers. We’ll research area providers and find exactly the service your business needs for the right price.
Definitely. Internet services/providers will vary according to location. Your office in Grande Prairie may be served by Telus, while Bell supplies connection to your office in Toronto. That being said, administering multiple contracts can be tricky, so let the Sunco team manage the process and take care of negotiations and renewals on your behalf.
The digital revolution is upon us and fast, reliable internet service with failover features is critical for businesses using tools like CRMs, VoIP telephone systems and Office 365. A managed partner like Sunco will develop a complete solution to ensure you have the speed and reliability needed to keep your business operating, while also having a backup strategy in case there is an outage. Ask us for details.
As much as possible! On average, consumer-grade services can be connected in one to two weeks, while a fibre connection can take between six and 12 weeks. If a fibre build is needed, six to eight months are required. Protect your business by not leaving the internet conversation for last when leasing space or building a new office. Check internet availability in the area before you sign on the dotted line - you can save yourself time, money and headaches by being proactive! For more information on what to consider when moving your business, check out our blog Telecommunications Moving Checklist.

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