Sunco offers phone system leasing options that make it easier to keep your business up-to-date and connected. With fixed monthly payment plans, you can finance the total cost of upgrading your business phone system, gain operating expense tax savings, and free up working capital to help grow your business. 

What is phone system leasing?

Upgrading or installing business telecom systems can be a challenging upfront cost to bear. Business phone leasing makes it easier to build-out, upgrade, or replace existing equipment and technology while preserving cash flow.

Phone system leasing is a cost-effective payment option businesses can use to finance their on-premise telecommunication solution. Simplify the process of installing a telecom system with fixed monthly payments, competitive financing rates, and flexible term options.

Choose from either brand new or refurbished equipment, and at the end of your lease decide if you prefer to own your equipment or upgrade to the latest technology. With Phone System Leasing you have options!

Phone systems available for leasing

Flexible phone leasing plans are available for most of the business phone systems we carry. The following products can be 100% financed, including hardware, software, cabling, and services: 


Sunco is a proud Mitel Platinum Reseller Partner and a Mitel Certified Service Partner. Mitel’s cutting-edge products include excellent options for a variety of industries including hospitality, health care, and call centres.


A leading manufacturer of feature-rich, reliable phone systems for hotels, Phonesuite offers a range of affordable hotel communication systems including PBX, VoIP (IP-PBX) and hosted IP-PBX solutions.

Business Paging Systems

Sunco also designs custom paging systems perfect for warehouses, retail environments, and offices. From intercom systems to white-noise balancing, we can custom design a paging system that does it all.


Vidyo delivers the best in remote video conferencing with a simple but feature-rich user experience across all devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and video room systems.

Do I qualify for phone system leasing?

Phone leasing plans provide simplified financing options for a wide range of businesses and industries. If you have business telecom needs, you are qualified to apply for lease financing. 

From hotels and health care, to call centres and small businesses, Sunco’s expertise and full-service telecommunication solutions have helped drive growth for a variety of businesses. 

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Benefits of phone system leasing


Gain 100% financing

Hardware, software, cabling and services can be financed, enabling you to walk out the door with a “total” solution!


Free up valuable working capital

Equipment purchased with cash depletes your working capital. Lease financing lets you acquire the equipment you need without limiting your ability to finance inventories or other short-term needs.


Avoid the obsolescent

Choose a lease term that reflects the length of time your phone system equipment will be useful to you. Business phone leasing allows all the benefits of ownership without the risk of long term commitment to obsolete technology.


Get tax advantages

Depending on the type of equipment, lease terms, and your marginal tax bracket, a lease may provide some tax benefits to your business. Generally, lease payments can be treated as operating expenses rather than capital expenditures, providing full and immediate deductibility. Refer to your accountant for advice on potential savings.

Lease, borrow, or pay with cash?

Discover the differences between phone system leasing, loans, and purchasing outright with cash, as well as additional benefits. When comparing down payments, term length, and tax implications, phone leasing typically comes out on top.

Lease Loan Cash
Down payment Negotiable, but generally none required- 100% financing may be available 10% – 25% of value 100% of the cost is deducted from important working capital
Soft cost coverage All soft costs can be financed Cannot finance labour, maintenance or freight Requires full payment well in advance of benefiting from the new equipment
Payments/cash flow Usually lower monthly payments since a lease has a purchase option at the end of the lease’s term for the asset’s residual value Usually higher payments since you must finance the entire balance of the purchase price Must pay in full
Obsolescence Some leases allow for the equipment to be returned at the end of the lease or traded up for newer equipment Purchaser owns asset and takes responsibility for its obsolescence Purchaser owns asset and takes responsibility for its obsolescence
Term, amortization and interest rates Often the same for the two types of financing No traditional interest owed
Tax implications Lessee may deduct entire lease payment Purchaser must depreciate asset and may only deduct a portion of the loan payments No known tax benefits to paying with cash
Accessibility Credit decision made within 4 hours 10 – 30 days to complete Immediate ownership

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Get Started with Phone System Leasing

  • First, we’ll start with a telecom bill audit to identify areas for cost-savings and improvements
  • Next, we’ll work with you to design a custom solution for your needs and price point. We’ll provide a detailed quote including all hardware costs and labour and discuss payment options to see if phone system leasing is a good fit.
  • Want to test drive a phone solution before making a commitment?  No problem! We offer Product Demos so you can test the waters before plunging in. 
  • Once you’re ready to move forward, applying is easy and we work with third-party lenders to get you the best financing rates available. We’ll present your monthly payment amount and the terms of your lease in a straightforward lease agreement. 
  • From there we’ll get to work ordering your hardware and planning for installation.  

To get started with phone leasing, book a product demo, or if you have any additional questions about lease financing, contact us today! You can also email, call directly to (855) 910-7784, or fill out the form below.

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