Communication Solutions for Warehouses


A company’s warehouse is a hub of activity where highly flexible, mobile and integrative telecom solutions are critical. Whether you are interested in Cloud-based communication or a traditional wired system, Sunco will fully assess your current warehouse operation model and uncover opportunities to integrate, optimize, and streamline your entire communications system.

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“We have a long history with Sunco. The mobility feature of their solution, especially the rugged cordless handsets, helps us serve our customers better.”

Steve Laurion
Canadian Tire Leduc

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What are the Benefits to You?

Benefit #1

Boost Workforce Efficiency and Productivity

It can be challenging to connect with all of the moving parts within a warehouse environment. A Sunco solution can help! Wireless headsets help increase efficiency at the order desk, while rugged wireless handsets — designed to withstand the wear and tear of a busy warehouse environment — allow staff to keep in touch no matter where they are on the premises. Flexible mobility options streamline operations and reduce bottlenecks in workflows by ensuring staff can communicate regardless of whether they are in the office, in the warehouse or on the road.

Benefit #2

Improve Communication Within the Warehouse

Missing a call to a landline or the inability to communicate facility-wide can mean costly delays, errors or safety issues. A customized paging system can be integrated with your phone system so you can hear your office phone ringing no matter where you in the facility. You can also set up paging zones to broadcast messages to specific areas of the warehouse or issue safety notifications to the entire premises.

Benefit #3

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Consider this scenario: A client working in the oilfield contacts you to replace a broken grommet. A member of your sales team starts a collaboration session with video to view the broken part, which is then shared with a warehouse team member who confirms the type of grommet required and locates it in warehouse stock. Without having to leave the field, the client has placed an order for the correct replacement part and it is out the door that same day.

Benefit #4

Consistent Communication Between Branches

Staff have access to the same features and functionality regardless of whether they work at your head office or a smaller satellite branch. Clients also enjoy the same customer service experience regardless of which location they contact. Simple, seamless, and efficient!

Building a new warehouse and need cabling installed?

Sunco’s voice and data cabling installations are labelled, tested, and certified so you know your systems will be running at max capacity.

What Features are Included?

Feature #1


Keep warehouse staff connected no matter how spread out they are with such tools such as rugged wireless headsets —designed to withstand the wear and tear of a busy warehouse environment — and cellular phone integration.

Never miss a call: with dynamic twinning, employees can answer calls to an office landline on any mobile device (even on their personal phones).

Feature #2

Customizable Paging

Integrate paging and telephones together to create a highly functional, all-in-one communication solution that keeps staff connected. If the phone rings in your office, you’ll be able to hear it no matter where you are in the warehouse.

Other customizable options with a warehouse paging system include break notification broadcasts, background music, ambient noise sensors, white noise for privacy in shared workspaces and emergency notifications.

Feature #3

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools like instant messaging, document sharing and video conferencing make it easy to share information, problem solve, and work together across departments.

Flexible collaboration options boost communication between staff and clients and increase efficiency from the sales desk to the loading dock.

Feature #4

Multiple Location Management

With one easy local call to a centralized reception desk, customers can reach your business and be connected with anyone on the team, no matter where they’re located.


When I’m at the back of my warehouse I can’t hear the phone ring. Can you help?

There are two easy solutions to this common problem.

  • We can integrate your phone network so the ring comes over the paging system.
  • We can increase your mobility and flexibility by setting you up with a wireless phone.
How can I make the most of my paging system?

There are lots of ways that your paging system can contribute to a comfortable, more effective working environment. Here are a few ideas:

  • You can integrate it with a time clock and broadcast break notifications.
  • You can use it to play background music.
  • You can integrate it with your phone system so you can hear your office phone ringing no matter where you are on the premises.
Will our company’s communication system remain functional if there is a power failure or outage?

The ability to communicate is critical to your business. We can design multi-platform redundancies into your system to ensure complete coverage regardless of what happens. We can easily design our communication solution to align with your existing disaster recovery strategies.