Today’s business communication systems are a “living” part of your organization – a complex ecosystem of evolving technologies and critical voice/data services working together to keep your clients and staff connected.  Staying on top of it all can be daunting and prohibitively time consuming. Sunco Telecom Managed Services are an intelligent, cost-saving way to ensure your communication systems (and ultimately your bottom line) stay healthy and robust!

Managed Telecom Services in Edmonton

What are Telecom Managed Services?

Traditionally associated with the information technology (IT) field, the term managed services describes the administration of an organization’s computer network by a third-party team. The evolution of this service to include telecommunications is a natural progression with the advent of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technologies that demand more careful maintenance and management.  In fact, Sunco is proud to be one of the first local companies to offer Telecom Managed Services!     

Depending on the level you choose, Sunco’s Telecom Managed Service packages can include the management of data and voice services (Internet, traditional phone lines, VoIP, SIP trunks), extended hardware warranties, proactive maintenance, software upgrades, Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs) and priority dispatching. To that end, Sunco Telecom Managed Services aim to provide your organization with reliable telecommunications, reduced downtimes, and unparalleled cost effectiveness.

Why Sunco Telecom Managed Services?

Sunco’s Managed Services take the guesswork out of administering your organization’s telecom needs. In business since 2000, our team knows communications inside and out; and as your telecom managed services provider, Sunco helps save your business time and money!  

  • Faster response time when trouble arises, and faster resolutions with less downtime.
  • We work with all the major telco service providers ensuring you get the right service for the best price.
  • We replace defective equipment rather than wait on repairs, so you can get back to work right away.
  • Save money by taking advantage of discounted rates for hardware, software, and labour.
  • Easy to budget with a fixed monthly cost per user. No surprise charges!
  • Maximize your uptime and prevent problems before they happen.
  • Ensure your telecom systems are upgraded properly and on time.
  • Enjoy unprecedented peace of mind knowing that Sunco’s experts are managing your communication system.

Managed Telecom Service Packages

Sunco Managed Services can support a wide variety of businesses, from local to nationwide, Canadian to international. Consider the following levels of telecom managed services as broad examples of what Sunco is able to provide, and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs:

Fully Managed

The complete telecom managed services package.  Key benefits include:

  • Front of the line priority on service tickets
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Unlimited upgrades as required
  • Extended warranties on most hardware
  • Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs) included
  • Complete telco relationship management by Sunco’s telecom experts
  • Performance analytics, backups, and annual disaster recovery/failover testing


The intermediate telecom managed services package.  Key benefits include:

  • Front of the line priority on service tickets
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • One major system upgrade per year
  • Extended warranties on most hardware


The basic telecom managed services package.  Key benefits include:

  • Front of the line priority on service tickets
  • 30 minutes of remote changes per 50 users per month

Have existing employees who manage your IT/telecom systems?  Our Gold level package is a perfect adjunct to bolster your inhouse support.  Ask us for details.


  • Budget-friendly package perfectly designed to support the diverse communication needs of hotel environments.

Enterprise Level

  • Remote and on-site support for larger organizations with over 250 users.

Hosted VoIP

  • Geared specifically to Voice for Business clients who want to leave administration of their hosted system to the experts.


No matter what level of managed services you’re under, your business will enjoy priority dispatch on service calls over non-contract clients, guaranteed on-hand inventory of critical telecom hardware, preferential labour pricing, online billing and ticketing system, annual telecom bill audits, and more!

Does your business deal with multiple telco service providers?

Managed Services mean we shop around for the best rates, negotiate on your behalf, and review all the contracts and bills!

What features are included?

Feature #1

Front of the line Service

Enjoy priority dispatch on service calls over non-contract clients.

Feature #2

Proactive Maintenance

Sunco designed its telecom managed services solutions for maximum uptime. Whenever possible, we replace faulty hardware rather than sending away for repair. Sunco manages and monitors service alarms and keeps a stock of hardware replacements on hand; we’ll know of hardware issues quickly and be ready to get your organization back up and running in good time. Sunco documents and analyzes hardware trouble to determine patterns and proactively minimize the risk of future issues.

Feature #3

Extended Hardware Warranties

Our Fully Managed and Platinum packages include extended warranties on most telecom hardware.

Feature #4

Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs) Included

If you have a dynamically staffed environment demanding multiple moves/adds/changes (MACs) per month, a Fully Managed Service package with all MACs included helps simplify billing and makes budgeting easier.  

Feature #5

Preferred Rates

Hiring Sunco as your telecom managed services provider allows you to take advantage of preferential labour rates (for installations, special projects, servicing, etc.) and reduced/waived trip charges depending on the level you choose.

Feature #6

Predictable Costs

Sunco Telecom Managed Services are charged per user and billed monthly, so your telco costs are easier to budget with no surprises.

Feature #7

Full Telco Relationship Support

Sunco prides itself on its expertise and experience in business communications, and our telco relationship management credentials are unmatched since we are one of the first telecom providers offering managed services.  With Fully Managed or Platinum levels, we’ll manage your telco bills on your behalf to ensure you get the best service for the lowest price. Enjoy hassle-free relationships with major telco providers through us!


With Sunco managing your telco relationships, we can shop around on your behalf to ensure the highest speeds at the best possible price. We’re experts in telecommunications solutions for successful businesses, and know how to handle contract negotiations and renewals in your favour.
Sunco Managed Services are better suited for organizations with 20 or more employees. That said, smaller businesses wanting to take advantage of telecom managed services can still benefit from Sunco managing their telco needs. Contact us today to discuss what best fits your business.
Absolutely! You can acquire internet services from all major providers through Sunco. Doing so vastly simplifies contract negotiation/renewal and saves you money on your telecom bills.
Under our telecom managed services solution, Sunco will not typically send away hardware for repair, opting instead to replace it to reduce your organization’s downtime and get you back to work faster.
Yes! Among Sunco’s clients are Canadian and multinational organizations that trust us to manage their day-to-day telecom needs. The majority of maintenance and management can be done remotely. Our Fully Managed Service package is best suited for businesses with multiple locations and more complex systems that demand a higher level of maintenance, upgrading and support.  
Sunco can assess your current technology and provide upgrade options if needed. Upgrades are determined based on your equipment’s age, condition, and the features you require.

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