Test Drive your New Business Phone System

Experience the functionality before you buy

You likely test drive a new car, so why not your new business phone system?

Touch the buttons, hold the cordless handset, try out the headset, hear the sound clarity and see the vibrant LCD displays.

Don’t have the resources for a full-time receptionist? See how an auto attendant can be an efficient and professional option to manage calls.

Want a mobile workforce? Experience how cell phone twinning keeps your employees connected.

A Sunco product demo is an important part of the decision-making process to ensure your new business phone system delivers exactly what you need. Whether you are considering a cost-effective and functional on-premise Mitel system or our Cloud-hosted VoIP offering Sunco Cloud, seeing the technology work in real-time is critical. We’d love to show you!

Book a Free Product Demo

Sunco’s free product demos can be done in three ways:


Come to our office and experience the full range of features and functionality offered by Mitel, and our Cloud-hosted system Voice for Business. There is a shorter set-up time with this option since we have the demo phones and phone systems ready to go. It’s also an opportunity to meet some of our team members face-to-face.


We come to you with the telephones and connect directly into our online demonstration system. This is a great option if you’d like your staff to try out the telephones and features and provide valuable user feedback.


Test drive our phone system at your business for a short period of time. We offer loaner phones; we’ll connect one or two employees to our demo system and it is business as usual  — but better! You and your staff can see how the phones and features work in your own environment for a few days.

Is your business using outdated technology?

See the next generation of on-premise or Cloud-hosted VoIP telephone systems in action with a Sunco demo.