Data networking forms the foundation of your business communication system. A well-designed and cabled network helps optimize bandwidth, balance network loads and secure traffic. Let Sunco and our trusted IT partners help pave the way to faster and more reliable transmission of your critical voice and data traffic.

What is Data Networking?

Data networking allows businesses to manage the traffic of their voice and data communication to ensure any information needed is accessed quickly and reliably. A data network is the system of cables, switches and wireless components that ensures all communications arrive on time, at the right destination and without interfering with each other.

A good data networking system will eliminate common problems like poor call quality and network failures. Our favourite analogy is that data networking makes the difference between driving on a smooth, paved highway vs. a rocky gravel road.

Data networking is used in both wired and wireless telecommunication application and 95 per cent of businesses operate with some kind of data network.

How does data networking work?

Data networking powers integrated business communications including wired phones, VoIP and Internet connectivity. Most data networks have wireless and wired components, and physical cables are often easier to manage and secure than wireless systems. At Sunco, we work with industry experts on the cutting edge of networking technology to provide complete data networking solutions including complex switching and routing.

Data networking can be difficult to get right, and over the years we’ve helped companies clean up a lot of messy server rooms. We take pride in all of our installations and follow strict electrical regulations so you know your system is safe and functional even in areas you can’t see. All of our wiring is secure, certified, tested, labelled, easy to understand and easy to maintain in order to provide long-term reliability and peace of mind for our customers.

We can install new data networks or help you upgrade or troubleshoot your current system with our local tech team or one of our IT partners. Our services are prompt, efficient and customized to your budget and unique needs.

Request a Network Health Check

Working together with our IT partners, Sunco offers a network health check to ensure your network traffic is flowing smoothly. We will confirm the system is running with no errors, ensure software is at a supported level and determine if any of the hardware is discontinued or is no longer supported. Our tech team will also identify any other potential problems or hazards such as server room cleanliness or temperature.

The most important part of the health check is ensuring the business is secure and the firewall is current. This is a critical in order to prevent threats to your system like Ransomware (people hacking into your network so you can’t access any of your data or systems without paying a ransom).

Expert. Friendly. Local.

From cost-effective cabling solutions to system troubleshooting, we’ve helped hundreds of happy customers improve their office communications through data networking.

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Benefit #1

Quality Experience

Sunco’s high-performing data networks eliminate common communication problems like latency, jittery or crackly voice calls, network crashes and slow Internet speeds.

Benefit #2

Long-Term Reliability

With certified installation and expert tech support you can rest easy knowing your data network is reliable and secure.

Benefit #3


Sunco’s data network systems are compatible with any data manufacturer — including Dell, HP, Cisco and Netgear — making installation or upgrades easy and convenient.

Benefit #4

Security and Peace of Mind

Ensure your business is safe from outside attack with a network health check and support from our trusted IT partners.


If your data network wasn’t set up correctly, there could be a number of different problems behind the scenes, from pinched cables to inefficient data routing. Adding wiring or upgrading to a faster Internet connection could solve your problem.
Sunco takes security very seriously and we work with trusted partners to make sure your data systems are secure. In general, wired systems are more difficult to hack than wireless routers. Remember to change your wireless password regularly and monitor your system to protect sensitive material and ensure no one is able to use your network for illegal activities. Talk to us regarding a network health check to make sure your business is secure.
Does your server room or data closet look like a tangle of unlabelled cables? Improper cabling is a common cause of workstation failure. Sunco can help by providing professionally installed data networks or by working with your company to upgrade or troubleshoot your current system. Contact us for a free estimate.
It’s possible your data switches aren’t set up correctly. If you think of your data network as a series of highways, data switches act like traffic cops to direct different types of communications along different channels. Without proper switches, the signals get clogged up and interfere with each other, leading to poor call quality. Another possibility is that your Internet access is poor or your Internet connection speed is too slow.
Many off-the-shelf routers are not properly maintained, meaning that security updates are not completed and software becomes out-of-date. This can cause your wireless network to go offline and business grinds to a halt.  If your wireless network is routinely going down, a network health check will not only get your office running efficiently again, it will secure your system and protect your business. Request a network health check.

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