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Access a business phone system that boosts productivity and eliminates waste.

Make Communication Across Your Business Simpler, More Reliable, and More Cost-Effective


Let our team of professionals set up, manage, and support your VoIP

Why choose Sunco for business and office phone systems?

  • Increase organizational efficiency. We can connect your desk phone to your mobile phone and get you email reminders immediately following a new voicemail
  • Remove any barriers preventing internal collaboration. Our presence technology makes it simple to pull free team members into a meeting, allowing for maximally effective use of your team’s time
  • Record your phone calls with ease for both accuracy and billing purposes, on the fly, whether you’re on a cell phone or business line
  • Scale your phone system to meet your objectives with a phone system that’s easy to update and expand
  • Link your phone recordings to your CRM software making it easy to consolidate everything CRM-related in one spot

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Leading VoIP Office Phone System Services From a Top Provider

Leading Hardware

From simple, reliable wired phones to state-of-the-art wireless headsets or hybrid wired/wireless systems, we can help you select the communication solution that is right for your business.

SIP Trunking

We enable your devices to communicate over a data network instead of traditional analog lines. Access advanced features and applications like self-labeling keys and remote diagnostic tools with Sessions Initiation Protocol.

Hosting Services

Whether you want to host your VoIP on-premise or in the cloud, we can support and set up whichever configuration is best suited to help your business thrive.

Dynamic Twinning

We can twin your business phone to your cell phone so you can take client calls no matter where you are while still being able to access the full suite of applications linked to your business line, like call recording.

Presence Technology

Never again bother a busy team member with a task or meeting, derailing productivity. We let you know who’s available and who isn’t at all times with our presence technology.

Video Conferencing Enhancements

We facilitate collaboration with team members with a variety of tools, including instant messaging, real-time document annotation, team-wide meeting scheduling, and more for your video calls.

Cloud Voice for Business

Seamlessly incorporate the functions of cell phones, office phones and desktop computers into one easy-to-use system. Let us give you more freedom and flexibility than ever before, increasing productivity and decreasing operational costs.

On-Site Administration

We simplify onboarding with easy-to-manage systems that allow for rapid access to your entire system for new hires, decreasing lost productivity due to transitions.

Training and Support

Our teams are available to reach out and answer any questions about your array, as well as able to train your team up on your business’s new and improved phone system.

What Makes Us One of the Best Virtual Office Phone System Providers


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Average range of cost savings with Sunco’s phone systems

< 2 hour

Response time with our managed services plan

Clearly Communicate With Both Your Team and Your Clients

Let us simplify your communications by bringing them all into one integrated system.

Leverage the Best Office Phone System for Your Business

business and office phone systems

Build a phone System that eliminates communication headaches


Clear communication is vital to a thriving business. But your business’s communication can only be as strong as its comms technology allows.

Increase productivity with:

  • Call routing
  • Phone recordings on any phone
  • Twinned phones and call transfers
  • Cloud-based and on-premise setup services
  • Managed phone system services
  • IT support
  • Desktop support
  • Mobile device support
  • And more

With Sunco, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access features that make running your business simpler and more efficient.

Office Phone System

Cut out phone and internet waste


If your communications system isn’t optimized, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars a month in wasted spend.

We will custom-build a package from the ground up that is uniquely tailored to meet your business’s specific needs.

That way, you can ensure that any bloat in your phone or internet budget is quickly eliminated, leading to immediate cost savings, while simultaneously boosting your productivity and internal/external communication capacity and abilities.

Office Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Tailored to meet your industry’s and business’s unique needs


No matter what your industry and its specific needs, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to design the phone system best suited for your business.

  • Medical office phone system
  • Law office phone system
  • Remote office phone system
  • IP office phone system
  • Phone system for a small office
  • And more

For instance, the best phone system for a small law office would include a tool that allows your ongoing call to be recorded and length measured, simplifying billing.

We give you access to a variety of tools to ensure that your business call quality and operability far outpaces analog landline phones.

VoIP Office Phone System

Access a more cost-effective phone system


Whether you’re looking for the best small office phone system or need a phone system for a larger enterprise, you can rely on Sunco to build a system that fits your budget.

We offer multiple services and options as well as fixed-pricing plans, so you’ll never again be surprised by your phone bill at the end of the month.

Business owners can now dramatically improve their phone lines’ capabilities with an internet connection and a call to Sunco.

Office Phone System FAQ

You can use a VoIP phone system for a small office as long as you have a strong internet connection with enough bandwidth. The good news is that fewer employees means less bandwidth requirements. A broadband connection with 20 Mbps of download speed is usually enough for 10-15 employees.

However, you will need to upgrade your internet if your user count increases.

VoIP phone systems can be HIPAA or PIPEDA-compliant. However, it’s important to note that not all of them are. Check with your provider to make sure that the phone system you choose for your medical office meets the following criteria:

  • It encrypts data during call transmission
  • It limits who can use the phone system
  • It must track and record call activity
  • The phone provider must be willing to sign a protection agreement

VoIP only includes voice features that are transmitted over the internet. IP phone systems are more hardware-based and go beyond voice to include other phone-based communications, such as fax and text.

In this sense, VoIP is a subset of IP. Another way to think of it is that VoIP is how voice calls happen, and the IP phone system is what you use to do it.

VoIP only includes voice features that are transmitted over the internet. IP phone systems are more hardware-based and go beyond voice to include other phone-based communications, such as fax and text.

In this sense, VoIP is a subset of IP. Another way to think of it is that VoIP is how voice calls happen, and the IP phone system is what you use to do it.

You can easily link your VoIP office phone system to your cell phone. In fact, many VoIP providers offer mobile applications that let you use your office phone system from your mobile device.

The exact process of linking them varies between providers and system set-ups. Speak with one of our consultants if this is something you would like to do.

You can keep your original phone number when you switch your office phone system to VoIP. This process is called number porting. However, please note that not all numbers are portable.

The portability of your phone number depends on:

  • Phone number type
  • Phone number’s geographical location
  • Your current phone service

Ask one of our business phone experts about your number’s portability.