What a Sunco solution can do for small business

Having grown from a small, family-run business which began operating from a basement over 20 years ago, Sunco truly understands that a one-size-fits-all approach to small business telecom solutions simply doesn’t work. Whether you are a brand new startup looking for the most cost-effective solutions, or a growing business needing to upgrade to improve efficiency, Sunco will deliver customized, effective and scalable options that are expertly tailored to your business needs.

What are the Benefits to You?

Benefit #1

Save Time and Money with Customized Communication

We understand that, as an SME owner, your time is best spent on activities that sustain and grow your business. Let Sunco be your trusted partner  we’ll help configure a custom communication solution, whether on-premise (located at your office) or Cloud-hosted, that ensures day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently so that you can focus on building your business.

Benefit #2

Enjoy Simplicity and Savings with the Cloud

Voice for Business, Sunco’s Cloud-hosted solution, is a perfect fit for small business because of its simplicity, convenience and budget-friendly pricing. We will help you navigate the available features and then it’s simply a matter of choosing your phones and plugging into our network. No licensing, hardware or specialized staff required means greater cost savings too.

Benefit #3

Improve Efficiency

Small business owners often find themselves needing to be in several different places at once. Stay connected to clients, staff and vendors no matter where you are with features like single-number reach, twinning to a cell phone and voicemail to email.

Benefit #4

Flexibility Options Based on Business Needs

When economic conditions change — for better or for worse — it’s nice to know that your telecom system can easily change with you. If you choose a Cloud-hosted system, changes are easy to manage from a single web interface and you only ever pay for the features and services you need. Scalable systems, whether on-premise or hosted, will effectively serve you throughout all of your business’ ups and downs.

Benefit #5

Local Training and Support

Don’t waste time on hold waiting for help from overseas call centres. We can provide full training so your team can easily take care of basic changes like updating a password without needing to contact a technician. Need a little more help? Sunco is proud to provide friendly, local, in-person support to get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

Expert. Friendly.

We help small business owners make informed decisions about where to allocate their communication dollars. Get started today!

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What Features are Included?

Feature #1

Expert Advice and Custom Solutions

  • We like to say, “you know your business and we know ours.” Take advantage of our expertise.  Sunco is here to talk you through the different phone hardware and feature options and recommend the best solution for your business.
  • We can help you decide whether an on-premise system (located at your place of business) or a Cloud-hosted system will best meet your needs and budget.

Feature #2

Mobility and Flexibility

  • Cordless headsets and features such as auto attendant help increase efficiency, while wireless phones allow staff members to keep in touch no matter where they are located.
  • Single number reach means you stay connected to your business anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device.
  • Always stay up-to-date with access to your voicemail directly from your email inbox.

Feature #3

Cost-Effective & Scalable Solutions

  • Completely customizable and scalable systems mean you only pay for the features and options you need.
  • As business needs change, features and users can be easily managed and scaled with both on-premise and Cloud-hosted systems.
  • Sunco’s hosted solution Cloud Voice for Business is a feature-rich system that is securely hosted in Alberta for an all-inclusive, cash-flow friendly fixed monthly fee.  It is a great option for small business.

Feature #4

On-Site System Administration

  • You can easily manage changes to the system including new hires, office moves and voicemail and password resets.
  • Active directory integration makes it easy to auto-configure a new phone with all of your applications.
  • Sunco is available to provide training or answer any questions about ongoing system management. Our friendly, local support staff are always happy to help!

Enterprise level features are no longer limited to big business.

Take advantage of this opportunity and enhance your small business today!

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VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and refers (unsurprisingly) to voice and data communication transferred over the Internet. An on-premise VoIP means that the hardware and servers needed to support your communication network live on-site, at your place of business. Cloud-based VoIP is hosted by a 3rd party provider. This can be a great solution for professional offices because there is no need for licensing, hardware or specialized staff. At Sunco, whether you choose a Cloud-based or an on-premise solution, you get the same great features.
Unified messaging (UM) is a service that ultimately makes many different types of electronic messaging and communication (email, SMS, fax, voicemail, videos, document-sharing, etc.) available within a single interface, and accessible from a variety of devices, such as a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. It’s just one of the incredible features available with both our on-premise solutions and Voice for Business.
Yes. We have options to include all of the features you need. We can provision direct lines on a traditional telephone system using ISDN-PRI or thru SIP.
Absolutely! Sunco is here to help coordinate your move and ensure a smooth transition. Setting up in a new location is a great opportunity to review your current system and identify opportunities for system optimization. Contacting us approximately 2-3 months prior to your move date will give us plenty of time to customize, coordinate and execute a successful move plan for your small business. If you are considering switching to a fibre optic connection, you’ll need at least six months lead time. For more information about the advantages of fibre optic connections, read our blog post The Future is Fibre.  Need a telecommunications moving checklist?  Check out our blog post Telecommunications Moving Checklist.
It’s as easy as picking the phone and features you need, and plugging into our Cloud-based network. Sunco is here to help with every step of the process, from communication design to installation, training, and support. Ready to get started? Request a quote now.