Future of Work

Whether your business is fully remote, fully back in the office, or operating in a hybrid work capacity, the reality is that communication has vastly changed in the business world since the pandemic. That change might be limited to your office walls, or it might have evolved greatly with your customers.

As your Trusted Telecom Integrator, Sunco Communication and Installation has vast knowledge and experience, along with a personal touch, that will ensure we help your business navigate the Future of Work by delivering quality solutions to suit your needs.


Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to your communications needs. By evaluating your internal and external communication streams, Sunco can help your business be part of a:

  • Remote Work-Friendly World. The pandemic pressed the fast forward button on working from home, and working from anywhere. Is your business ready?
  • Hybrid Work Environment. There are many ways to keep things simple with scalability – single platform use, single implementation of your workspace, and collaborative tools and processes. What is your business set up for?
  • Optimal Customer Experience. The business world has gone digital-first in a customer-centric world. Is your business personalized for your customers?
  • Optimal Employee Experience. The business mindset has shifted to a “need to change” mindset, and traditional organizational structures, processes, and infrastructure & data technology are being actively rejected. Is your business agile enough to keep up?


Telecommunications Discovery Call

Sunco Communication and Installation is offering a free 30-60 minute discovery call of your current business environment. We will assess your communications processes and needs, and give you a recommendation to help you get to your optimal return to work environment.



You will often hear colleagues talking about “moving business communications to the cloud”, but what exactly does that mean? Cloud computing is the delivery of computing – storing, managing, or processing data – services through the internet.


Private clouds are made for specific companies and are usually hosted on a company’s internal network or a hosted data center, generally, they are the most secure as the servers are owned and maintained by the company or outsourced to third parties. Whereas public clouds enable companies to access computing services through a shared data center managed by a third-party cloud service provider, such as AWS or Azure, and has customizable security measures.  As we move into a hybrid work model it is important to consider how to equalize resource access for your in-person and remote workforces by using public and private clouds for your communications needs. More about cloud communications

From implementing VOIP technology to optimizing your data networking, the technology and services you use to aid your transition to remote or hybrid work are dependent on your specific needs. Through your discovery call, Sunco Communication and Installation Ltd. can help you determine exactly what is needed for your specific remote work plan – saving you unnecessary costs and providing you only what you truly need.

A hybrid cloud solution combines features of both public and private clouds. Often more cost effective than a complete private cloud, but still scalable and customizable.