Sunco offers certified data and telephone cabling — including Category 5/6/6e cable and fibre optic — for new builds, renovations, expansions and system upgrades. The right cabling will help your business make the most of its phone and data networks.

What are the Benefits to You?

Benefit #1

Increased Efficiency & Network Speeds

With professional cable installation, systems are fast, flexible, reliable and easy to upgrade.

Benefit #2

Certified Installation

Our cabling partners are all accredited by Leviton and Hubbell, the industry leaders in cabling systems.

Benefit #3

Advanced Testing

Our cabling partners use high quality test gear to ensure your system is safe, easy to troubleshoot and meets all specifications of Category 5/6/6e and multi-mode fibre optic cabling.

Expert. Local. Friendly.

Our voice and data cabling installations are labelled, tested, and certified so our clients know their systems are running at max efficiency.

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Loose connections and improperly installed cabling are often the cause of slow network speeds and patchy Internet connections. This can cause headaches in a busy office. Many of our customers opt for cabling retrofits or upgrades to eliminate these problems.
  • It is more reliable and easier to troubleshoot.
  • Proper labelling allows for future expansion, changes and flexibility.
  • It is easy to upgrade and will be able to handle higher speeds as technology advances.
  • Every outlet is certified, tested, and ready for use.
  • Certified installations typically include a 25-year warranty, a major requirement for all government and financial institutions.
  • Sunco’s cabling installations come with the options of extended warranty and maintenance agreements.
Cables should not be run over lights or too close to power outlets. Any installation with bends or kinks is likely to cause problems down the road. A properly installed system will follow strict regulations regarding placement of cables and be clearly labelled and tested. Proper design and installation is required to qualify for the manufacturer's 25-year warranty.
Sunco can install structured wiring systems including data cabinets, wire management, patch panels, outlets and fibre optics. We work with Category 5/6/6e copper cable, fibre backbone cable and fibre to the desktop.

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