The stakes are high when it comes to providing high quality, efficient patient care. Sunco has years of experience providing medical offices, long-term care facilities, supportive living sites, dental offices, chiropractors and other medical professionals with communication solutions aimed at improving patient satisfaction and quality of care.

What are the Benefits to You?

Benefit #1

Enhanced Patient Care

From streamlined appointment management to fully integrated nursing call systems, Sunco has a variety of communication solutions to help healthcare professionals deliver high quality, efficient and cost-effective patient care. For example, in-room pull cord or pendant nursing call systems provide immediate two-way communication and ensure nursing staff know precisely what is required as well as the level of urgency and can immediately let patients know that help is on the way.

Benefit #2

Reduce Missed Appointments

Missed appointments are a headache for health professionals and patients alike. Appointment no-shows waste time and diminish profitability for healthcare providers, while patients who miss an appointment must often wait weeks or months for the next opening. Appointment reminders help reduce the burden of missed appointments on the healthcare system and patients appreciate easy-to-use systems for appointment scheduling.

Benefit #3

Increase Staff Efficiency

Doctors or other healthcare team members who work out of multiple locations can have their telephone extensions “follow” them. This means they can log-in to any phone to receive calls regardless of their location. Features like instant messaging, voicemail to email and ‘presence’ technology (systems that show a user’s availability) help staff get the answers they need quickly so they can provide the best care possible to their patients.

Benefit #4

Create New Revenue Stream

Typically, residents in long-term care facilities take care of their own Internet and phone needs. Did you know that this is actually a lost revenue stream for the facility? Instead of residents paying other telecom providers, they could pay your facility to provide this service. Not only is this a more cost-effective option, but Internet and phone services will be standardized across all facilities and the residents won’t have to worry about setting up their own systems. Once in place, the wireless can be also used for other services like WanderGuard®, which notifies staff when a patient leaves his or her room. Sunco can coordinate all required services with the Telcos on your behalf and help train staff to administer the system.

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What Features are Included?

Feature #1

Wireless, Mobile Communication

  • Medical and dental offices can use cordless headsets to increase efficiency at the reception desk, while nurses can use wireless handsets to keep in touch no matter where they are on site.
  • In an emergency situation, a quick response time can save lives. Wireless communication systems connect patients to nursing staff immediately.

Feature #2

Outbound Dialing

  • Medical offices can integrate inbound or outbound call centre solutions such as automated appointment confirmation by voice or text to manage appointment bookings.
  • With text messaging options, patients have the flexibility to easily confirm appointments or connect with reception to reschedule.

Feature #3

Connect Multiple Offices

  • Thinking of expanding? We can easily network multiple offices together ensuring consistent access to all features and functionality regardless of the office’s size or location.
  • Options such as instant messaging, voicemail to email  and ‘presence’ technology ensure consistent communication between healthcare team members.

Feature #4

High-Quality, Streamlined Resident Phone Services

  • Long-term care facilities and supportive living sites can offer their residents a single-source telecommunication service, which allows for simplified installation and support.
  • No need to deal with multiple telecom providers for wireless Internet and phone service options.
  • Integrated systems ensure healthcare providers can communicate easily with residents throughout the facility.
  • System administrators can easily manage the facility-wide system from a single web-based interface.

Feature #5

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Sunco Communication and Installation solutions are completely customizable and scalable depending on your business needs.
  • Servers can be located on-premise, or your system can be hosted in the Cloud. Depending on your requirements, the right hosting solution can be a significant source of cost savings.

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Telephone Systems Upgrade


From auto attendant to call centre functionality, there are many options available to help enhance service. Sunco can conduct a full review of your existing system and recommend features to improve efficiency and patient care.
By using outbound call centre solutions to manage appointment bookings, such as automated appointment confirmation by voice or text, patients have the flexibility to easily confirm appointments or connect with reception to reschedule.
Wireless technology has dramatically changed communication in general, but there are lots of benefits specific to the healthcare industry. From hands-free devices that allow practitioners to communicate while maintaining appropriate infection control to custom-designed notification systems — such as WanderGuard® — that notify staff when a patient leaves his or her room, there is a lot of new functionality available to help healthcare teams deliver excellent patient care.
Absolutely! Sunco can conduct a full review of your existing system and recommend options to integrate new elements or replace your system to enhance functionality and efficiency.
Yes! Sunco is an all-in-one provider for all your phone system and wireless internet needs, which means you can offer extended care residents access to your existing system. Not only is this a revenue-generating opportunity, but it also simplifies installation and ongoing maintenance. No need to juggle multiple providers. Sunco becomes your single-point of contact!