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Access an enterprise-grade business phone system with 0 upfront costs and a predictable price model.

Why choose SuncoCloud for your cloud phone system?

Discover seamless team and client connections with a modern, 100% Canadian VoIP phone solution.

Boost collaboration using our communication platform that merges voice, email, SMS, and video into one.

Businesses have seen amazing cost savings on their communication by switching to Sunco Cloud.

Stay connected across time zones and geographical regions with a solution that supports a remote workforce.

Effortlessly oversee calls and easily analyze key customer service metrics.

Connect with us to make communication easier

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What Comes With SuncoCloud?

Significant Savings

Reduce your expenses with a cloud-based phone system by eliminating the need for costly hardware.

UC Softphone

Enjoy all of the advanced features of Sunco Cloud from your iOS or Android mobile device.

WebRTC Web Phone

Communicate effortlessly by knowing your team’s real-time status and make calls from any location.

Customer Support

Receive support from our Canadian team, who keeps your telecom services running smoothly.

MS Teams Integration

Streamline your workflow by integrating Sunco Cloud with Microsoft Teams and enhance quick collaboration.

Portal Access

Manage your calls with ease using our portal to access history, monitor activity, and view statistics.

Tailored Solutions

Get cloud phone solutions tailor fit to your business, no matter your size or industry.

SIP Trunking

Upgrade your devices to communicate via data networks with SIP trunking.

Hosting Services

Choose the hosting that suits your business best, we support both on-premise and full cloud VoIP.

Better Communication Means Better Productivity

Miscommunication can lead to decreased productivity and missed opportunities. In the modern business world, staying connected is crucial to success.

In fact, improving internal communications has been found to enhance team productivity by as much as 25%.

So, how can you enjoy enhanced productivity and avoid miscommunications?

Sunco Cloud has the answer. Our platform merges voice, video, email, and instant messaging all in one place.

Having all your communication tools in one place significantly simplifies collaboration and prevents miscommunication.

Boost Performance While Reducing Costs

High costs and inefficient tools can hinder a company’s growth and performance. Businesses today need solutions that are both cost-effective and performance-enhancing.

Sunco Cloud offers affordable communication solutions with no upfront costs. Our suite of tools is also designed to adapt to your company’s needs, which allows for flexibility and scalability.

Equip your employees with the right tools to work smarter and solve problems efficiently. With Sunco Cloud, they can respond to customers quickly and boost performance, all while you keep your costs down.

Elevate Your Team’s Collaboration Today

Upgrade your phone system to Sunco Cloud for integrated voice, video, and messaging.

Enhance Communication From Anywhere

Offering the ability to work from various locations is a significant advantage in today’s business world. It offers employees the flexibility they need to balance their work and personal life effectively.

Give yourself this competitive edge that helps you attract top talent with Sunco Cloud.

Our tools allow your team to work from anywhere with an internet connection, without compromising clear communication.

Our technology strengthens teamwork and connection, regardless of distance. Enable your team to choose their workspace, whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Cloud-Based Phone System From Canada?

Opting for a Canadian provider gives you access to local customer support and service that understands the Canadian market.

You will experience quick response times and benefit from data centers that comply with Canadian privacy regulations.

This ensures your business communications are both secure and efficient. Although we’re Canada-based, Sunco Communication & Installation offers 24/7 support. So, employees in different time zones can still use our tools.

Is Cloud Telephony the Same as VoIP?

Cloud telephony and VoIP both deliver calls over the internet, but they are not the same.

VoIP is a type of cloud telephony that specifically refers to voice services. Cloud telephony encompasses a broader range of cloud-based communication services.

Cloud telephony also offers features like virtual numbers, call forwarding, and online messaging. You can get the features of both VoIP and cloud telephony with Sunco Cloud.

What Is the Difference Between Cloud-Based PBX and VoIP?

Cloud-based PBX systems incorporate VoIP to facilitate voice communication over the internet. However, cloud-based PBX offers more extensive features, such as:

  • Call management
  • Integration with various business tools
  • The ability to connect multiple users and offices under one system

VoIP is the technology for the voice calls, while cloud-based PBX is the broader system that manages all aspects of a business’s communication needs.

Can I Keep My Landline Number When I Switch to VoIP?

You can usually keep your landline number when switching to VoIP through a process called number porting. It involves transferring your existing number to the new VoIP system.

We will work with you to ensure the transition is smooth and that your business experiences no downtime in communication. It’s a straightforward process that maintains your established contacts and presence.

What Is the Difference Between a Cloud Phone System and a Traditional Phone System?

A cloud phone system provides services over the internet and allows you to manage calls, voicemails, and other features online. Traditional phone systems rely on physical lines and on-premises equipment.

Cloud systems offer more flexibility, letting you add lines or features with ease and access your system from anywhere, which is a significant advantage for businesses today.