Case Study – Prime Capital Group

About the Client

Prime Capital Group provides flexible financing options that allow its customers to grow and scale by securing capital for their technology, equipment and other business needs. As they looked at the future of work, Prime Capital’s leadership knew they needed to integrate the company’s systems and make it easier for employees to work remotely.

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“Sunco is a strategic partner we’ve selected to help us deliver our vision of empowering entrepreneurial prosperity to build a great country and great communities to live in.”

The Challenge

Prime Capital wanted a partner whose cloud solutions would support the company to grow its operation cost-effectively and efficiently, while delivering seamless communication, transparent data and first-rate customer service 24/7 to their corporate clients. The company was looking for a solution that would enable its employees to concentrate on their customer service strengths rather than trying to make their existing technology solutions work.

We want partners who are proactive and responsive, who understand what our barriers and challenges are and will bring solutions to the table to help us accomplish our objectives — without us having to become experts in cloud or telecom solutions,” says Angela Armstrong, president and founder of Prime Capital Group.

In short, Prime Capital needed a forward-thinking partner to provide reliable technology and tools for its remote-working regional employees.

The Solution

Enter Sunco, an independent business telecom and managed IT systems integrator with more than 20 years of experience. Sunco helps clients find cost savings and improve performance through customized security, network and cloud solutions.

Sunco offered Prime Capital a comprehensive cloud solution that helped the financial services company address its challenges and successfully pursue new opportunities. Sunco’s solution included its Cloud Platform, a suite of services that enables clients to develop, deploy and manage its financial applications and data. In addition, Prime Capital has ongoing access to Sunco’s team of experts for advice and guidance. Easy to use and access, Sunco’s solution means Prime Capital employees can concentrate on their jobs, rather than the technology they need to do them.

“Having a partner that will go on that journey of growth with you is imperative for us and that’s why we chose Sunco,” Armstrong says. “We need to attract talent in other jurisdictions, communicate effectively with clients and deliver solutions with integrated technology, where everything works seamlessly together.”

For Prime Capital, the “future of work” means strategically leveraging technology to enable a high degree of trust and strong communication connections across a distributed environment. Sunco’s solution enabled this.

It’s difficult for a team working from the front seat of a car use a laptop to engage with the workplace. But when everything is enabled through mobile devices, they can be mobile in the truest sense of the word — and never drop the ball on client fulfillment.

The Outcome

Using Sunco’s cloud solutions has led to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, innovation and differentiation, and reduced operational costs and complexity for Prime Capital.

Armstrong says Sunco’s cloud solution improved employee engagement and customer success and service.

“We used to have files everywhere in the office. Nobody knew where the file was or what needed to happen because we didn’t have digitally enabled dashboards. Now, we have an audit trail so we can improve our competency and deliver better solutions.”

The innovation came as a result of now having fully integrated mobile solutions that allow Prime Capital’s team to use voice-to-tech solutions with message transferring.

“Sunco’s system removed barriers and empowered our team, allowing them to provide on-demand service delivery to our clients.”

All of Sunco’s solutions contributed to more efficient processes, ultimately streamlining complexity and improving productivity.

These integrated technology solutions allow you to gather information from your customer and track fulfillment, measure success — from expectation to execution — and then continue to improve and build metrics,” Armstrong says. “These success factors are the dividing mark between companies of the past and the companies of the future.

About Sunco

Sunco is your trusted independent business telecom and managed IT systems integrator, with more than 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes get more from their telecommunications and IT services.

From helping clients find areas of cost savings and performance improvement to implementing fully managed, customized security, networking and cloud solutions that can scale as their business grow, Sunco delivers high-quality, integrated business communications solutions with the employee-level commitment and collaborative approach every client relationship deserves.