Five9 Intelligent CX Platform

Sunco Communication & Installation and Five9 bring the power of people and technology to enable you to drive customer experience (CX) success.

Sunco Communication & Installation and Five9 – Better Together

Sunco and Five9 can make your contact center powerful with innovative AI tools that fit your organization’s unique needs.

Why choose Five9 Solutions Provided By Sunco?

  • Manage agents effectively with tools and insights for personalized experiences.
  • Integrate seamlessly with CRMs and UC for powerful customer journey orchestration.
  • Reduce service costs by using AI to automate interactions and assist agents.
  • Experience exceptional service backed by Five9’s 90+ Net Promoter Score.
  • Join over 2,500 global customers who already love and trust Five9 solutions.

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Five9 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Five9 has been recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the August 2023 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service for its offering, the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform.

Five9 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Why Five9?

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Optimize customer interactions with Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent delivering efficient call resolutions using advanced AI technology.

Collaborative Intelligence

Strengthen your business against economic downturns by effectively navigating spending cuts and budget constraints.

Multichannel Contact Center Software

Enhance agent productivity and achieve tangible results with Five9’s multichannel contact center software.

Customer First Culture

Drive business success by  focusing on results-driven sales, implementation, and service.

End-to-End Solutions

Leverage Five9’s end-to-end cloud contact center software for increased business flexibility.

Unified Platform

Improve customer satisfaction with Five9 enabling agents to connect with experts easily for first contact resolution.

Intelligent Self Service

Streamline customer support using AI-based technology for intuitive, efficient solutions to common questions.


Tailor your contact center to your business needs with our customizable cloud solutions.


Ensure compliance with Five9’s robust 8 Layer Security Approach and diligent handling of DNC requests in both outbound and inbound operations.

Five9 By The Numbers

14 Bil+

call minutes recorded annually


years of cloud contact center experience


growth in use of Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent

Leverage The Power of People & Technology For CX Success

The power of our CCaaS platform and our people make all the difference. Find out how!

The Power of Five9 Solutions

Five9 Solutions

Elevate Customer & Agent Experiences

Ineffective communication and guidance during customer-agent interactions can lead to poor customer experiences and stressful conditions for agents.

This situation is often caused by inconsistent messaging and a lack of real-time support from more experienced agents.

Five9 addresses this challenge with a call center platform that equips agents with tailored scripts for each call, ensuring consistent messaging.

AI-enhanced tools also allow for silent monitoring, whisper coaching, and timely interventions, enhancing the quality of each interaction.

Five9 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Five9 Call Center Expertise

Managing a contact center effectively is challenging. Without the right tools, businesses struggle with inefficiencies in operations, leading to reduced agent productivity.

Five9 specializes in elevating contact center operations. Their comprehensive product line, including inbound, outbound, and multichannel features, is a testament to their pioneering role in cloud contact center software.

Five9’s user-friendly design and administration tools are tailored for call center business users. The platform allows for easy integration with existing systems and offers real-time data insights.

Five9 Canada

Powered By AI Intelligence

Customers increasingly seek self-service options for quick and easy problem resolution. Businesses that fail to offer these options often struggle with customer satisfaction challenges.

Five9 customer service is AI-powered and efficient. The Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) provides a conversational, engaging experience across various channels.

It simplifies customer journeys, offering personalized paths and the option to seamlessly integrate voice interactions with visual content for an enhanced service level.

The platform offers easy, no-code development across multiple channels and seamless transfers to live agents with full context.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform is a comprehensive solution designed for contact centers of varying sizes. It provides all the essential tools to enhance customer experiences efficiently and effectively.

This platform ensures fast, scalable, and agile service delivery, which enables agents to offer superior support and customers to enjoy satisfying interactions.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with advanced analytics and insights, essential for driving significant business outcomes and making informed decisions.

Five9 is a leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center agents.

It enables agents to interact with customers through various channels, catering to the customer’s preferred mode of communication.

Additionally, Five9 offers managers comprehensive visibility into contact center performance, aiding in effective oversight and decision-making.

This helps businesses rapidly adapt to changing customer needs and market trends.

Five9 provides screen recording capabilities as part of its contact center solutions. This feature is a key component in ensuring quality assurance and enhancing agent performance.

It allows managers and supervisors to review agent interactions, ensuring adherence to company standards and protocols.

The screen recording function captures the agent’s desktop activities during interactions, offering valuable insights into the agent’s performance.

Please note that the use of this feature must adhere to any relevant privacy guidelines.

The main difference between a traditional call center and a virtual call center is operational setup.

A traditional call center operates from a physical location where agents handle customer inquiries, usually over the phone. This setup requires onsite infrastructure and staff.

On the other hand, a virtual call center functions remotely. Agents work from various locations, often from their homes. It utilizes cloud-based technology, offering greater flexibility in terms of agent location and work hours.

Five9 does record phone calls. The platform offers a call recording feature that is part of its quality management system.

This feature enables the capture of voice calls, along with the option for synchronized playback of voice and screen recordings.

The call recording function is essential for quality assurance, training, and compliance, providing valuable insights into customer interactions and agent performance.