VoIP for Business in Canada

Enjoy flexibility and convenience in modern business communications with a leading provider of VoIP services in Canada.

Streamline Communication Needs with Reliable VoIP for Business

Never miss another call again with VoIP for business that Canada’s brands rely on for communicating what’s important.

Why choose Sunco Communications and Installation for VoIP for business in Canada?

  • Facilitate unified communications by integrating your VoIP system into a multichannel solution
  • Control expenses with personalized sales and subscription plans for your unique needs
  • Accelerate issue resolution with a single customer support phone number regardless of product or service plans
  • Leverage 20 years of experience in communications, telephone systems, and internet connection services
  • Save 15-30% on traditional phone systems while getting voice service available for all of your devices

As a fast growing provider of business communication solutions, Sunco is in a unique position to meet your VoIP needs. By finding a setup that works for your business’s needs, you get more value for what you paid for.

Additionally, working with one of the leading business VoIP providers that Canada brands trust ensures you that no business communication skips your company ever again.

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VoIP for Business in Canada

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VoIP for Businesses That Canada Relies On

More Than Just Voice

Voice over IP phone systems for businesses combine the immediacy of voice with the convenience of modern internet applications.

Our VoIP business phones lets you enjoy increased productivity with:

  • Auto attendant services
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Call routing
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Voicemail to email forwarding
  • And more

With one of the leading Canadian VoIP providers having your back, you can immediately adopt this technology and reap its benefits.

End-to-End Business VoIP Services

As one of the leading Canada VoIP providers, Sunco leverages 20 years of industry experiencing providing holistic communications services,

To ensure your VoIP is integrated seamlessly, we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Hosted PBX services
  • Configuration of desk phone units
  • SIP trunking
  • Office phone conversion
  • And more

Through our industry-trusted practices, future-proof your organization with a business VoIP system that works with the rest of your infrastructure.

Tech Support for Rapid Issue Resolution

While deploying and maintaining Canada’s business VoIP solutions, challenges may arise—we’re here to help every step of the way.

With Sunco for your VoIP business phones, enjoy:

  • Quick response times, regardless of severity
  • Simple, straightforward customer support processes
  • SLAs guiding stakeholders on support capabilities
  • One phone number for all customer support needs
  • And more

With the VoIP phone Canada brands trust, free yourself of worries about long downtimes and focus on your core operations.

Reliable and Predictable VoIP Expenses

Eliminate the risk of cost overruns with transparent and predictable costs. Enjoy VoIP business phones in Canada from a reliable VoIP service provider.

We use the following strategies to help drive down customer expenses:

  • Products and services based on economies of scale
  • Tiered service support levels
  • Dedicated sales reps offering customizable services
  • And more

We understand that communications are not a one-size-fits-all solution. So we get you the best Canadian VoIP without stretching your budget.

Maintain Outbound and Inbound Call Security

Our internet telephony experience helps ensure all your VoIP, Canada communications are secure.

Our stacks of physical, network, app, and interconnection security layers protect your networks through:

  • Encrypted local and long-distance VoIP calls
  • Flexible SIP trunking capabilities
  • Regular security checks and antivirus updates
  • Call log reviews
  • And more

Secure your VoIP system to prevent cybersecurity issues from crippling your operations. Protecting your phone lines means protecting your business.

Quick Stats About our VoIP Services in Canada

20+ Years

Of experience providing business communications solutions

1600+ clients

From different industries, all across Canada


Savings on traditional phone lines and with additional features

Achieve Secure, Scalable VoIP for Business That Canada’s Companies Trust

With a single VoIP number, Canada’s businesses enjoy increased productivity and security.

VoIP for Business in Canada

Complete VoIP Solutions

With over 20 years in the communications industry, Sunco provides complete VoIP solutions to meet all business requirements.

Flexible deployment options

Our consultants can set your VoIP system up on a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise depending on your security needs.

Telephone system servicing capabilities

Our 24/7 support team will keep your VoIP systems online and take immediate action in the event of an outage, ensuring you can stay in contact with your customers, your vendors, and your employees.

VoIP for Business in Canada Company

Simplified VoIP for Small Businesses in Canada

Streamline your phone system and budget with flexible VoIP solutions from one of the many top VoIP providers that Canada’s businesses trust.

Easy set-up process

Our consultants will assess your needs to determine the best VoIP system for your business.

Cost-saving conversion of legacy systems

Enjoy private or direct lines with our capability to provision on traditional telephone lines with ISDN-PRI or SIP trunking.

VoIP Services in Canada

VoIP Provider Trusted by Canadian Businesses

Sunco is a family-owned Canadian company with over twenty years of experience providing communications solutions to various companies.

Strategic industry partnerships

Get the best options with top phone companies such as Mitel, Telus, Rogers and Shaw, and more.

Competent IT capabilities

Our partnerships with Isosceles Business Systems and Microsoft ensure the highest quality installation for your VoIP system

Our Trusted MSP Partners