Operating a traditional inbound or outbound call centre? Looking to streamline your customer support services? Sunco will take the time to understand your workflows and business goals to create a multimedia call centre that maximizes operator efficiency and delivers a customer-focused experience. We work with you to create a fully integrated system that enhances your business operations.

What are the Benefits of Call Centre to You?

Benefit #1

Run Your Call Centre More Efficiently

Call centre reporting tools help you collect, measure and report on the metrics that matter to your business. Using a combination of real-time and historical data, companies have access to valuable information so they can provide innovative and proactive customer service solutions and operate more efficiently with available resources. Using this data, businesses can find opportunities to increase their cost-effectiveness — whether it’s adjusting staff levels based on call volumes or tracking success rates for specific promotions.

Benefit #2

Retain High Quality Employees

It can be challenging to find and retain qualified customer service agents. The ability to offer remote, work-from-home options is appealing to those who are looking for flexible work arrangements — something that is becoming more frequent in today’s digital world. You can also offer flexible shift lengths. For example, employees could work for an hour or two (or more) throughout the day. Happier employees will be more engaged, more productive and more likely to stay with your business for the long term.  

Benefit #3

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Wow your customers with a streamlined system that allows them to communicate with your team through their preferred method (phone, text, email, social media, web chat or fax) while still receiving the same great experience every time. An integrated system can also help your team become more effective. Agents must actively listen, assess, and respond to a customer while also updating a CRM and being professional and friendly on the phone. Recording conversations ensures there is an automatic backup of the interaction, which is valuable for quality assurance, training, and reporting accuracy. At any time, an agent or supervisor can add missing details. A call can be graded and used in training sessions to ensure ongoing service excellence and consistency.

Benefit #4

Access Detailed Customer Information in One Place

By seamlessly integrating all of your customer interactions, you can replay every conversation, and review every email or chat.  This way, no matter who takes the next call or when, information is current and organized so you can always deliver a consistent customer service experience.

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What Features are Included?

Feature #1

Data-Rich Reporting

  • Data collected from all points of customer contact including voice, email, text, online chat, and even social media, provides valuable insight into your customer experience.
  • Voice reporting metrics include: average call length, call answer times, number of transfers, peak calling periods, and time spent until resolution is achieved.
  • Real-time viewing allows you to track calls from initiation to completion so that you can observe and manage service in real time and respond quickly.
  • Real-time reporting will send notifications when call volumes increase, allowing administrators to increase staff during peak periods.

Feature #2

Remote Call Centre Configurations

  • A Cloud-based system allows teleworkers to log in from any location eliminating the need to invest in expensive office space.
  • Regardless of location, remote call centre agents always remain connected with access to all tracking and recording features.
  • Cloud-based working is completely scalable, so you can easily expand your team as your business grows.

Feature #3

Call Recording and Screen Monitoring

  • Live call and screen recording simultaneously captures what is occurring on the agent’s screen during a phone call. This allows a supervisor to measure, grade and evaluate an agent’s performance and activity.
  • Call monitoring allows managers to offer remote training, listen in on live calls and provide whisper coaching as required.

Feature #4

Integration With Industry-Leading CRMs

  • Our call system software integrates with most enterprise CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Siebel, SAP and Zoho.
  • With only a few clicks, operators have access to a comprehensive client profile where they can view important information including previous purchases or interactions, demographics, contact details, call logs and chat transcripts.

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Call centre solutions automatically capture data and provide comprehensive analytics to help measure service effectiveness. Whether the customer communicates via phone, email, web chat, SMS text, fax or social media, Sunco systems allow you to track and manage the experience. This data is then easily accessible to help you design better customer service strategies.
Advances in technology mean that many sophisticated features are more affordable than you may think. The degree of functionality included in your system depends on your business needs and is easily scalable as your requirements change over time.
This depends on the systems you currently have in place to track your customer experience. Most service-oriented, customer-facing operations could benefit from having integrated systems that collect and report data to better support their customer service strategies. There are many different options available that are scalable. Sunco will fully assess your needs and recommend the most cost-effective solution for your business.
Yes! Our call system software solutions integrate with most enterprise CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Siebel, SAP and Zoho.