Your business will benefit from: software concurrency, ongoing standards compliance, security fixes, access to online training, and proactive performance monitoring of your systems, so that any potential situation can be controlled in advance, rather than responding to it after it has happened.

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Software Assurance – Standard and Premium

We offer two different levels of support and service for you to choose from.  Finding the right level of support for you and your team is important to us.

Level 1: Standard Software Assurance

A base subscription that includes 8am-5pm access to technical support as well as software patch updates, hot fixes, and entitlement to major software releases.

Level 2: Premium Software Assurance

Standard subscription benefits plus 24/7 technical support, access to online training, and to Performance Analytics monitoring and analytics.

Software Assurance Level Comparison

Features and Entitlements

Standard Level

Premium Level

Entitlement to new major software releases, including new functionality as provided
Entitlement to hot fixes and service packs
Technical Support services

●      Case management, technical inquiry

●      Service Level Objective for issue resolution on supported software releases

●      Access for partner certified technicians

●      Telephony and web ticket service, knowledge base access

(8 x 5)

(24 x 7)

Performance Analytics (MPA)

●      Fault reporting

●      Performance monitoring, voice quality and traffic

●      Server metrics

●      Hardware, software and license inventory

●      Report generation–on demand or automated

End customer online training

●      Access to Mitel University Administration and User courseware