VoIP Systems Explained

VoIP, or ‘voice over internet protocol’, is the conversion of voice signals to data that is transmitted over a computer network and/or the internet.  VoIP is becoming the phone solution of choice for organizations wanting the freedom to communicate anywhere, anytime from any device.

Functionality, productivity and mobility – all for less money – that’s the power of VoIP business solutions.

Sunco is your Trusted VoIP Phone System Provider

Sunco partners with the best VoIP phone distributors and VoIP service providers in the business, and we pride ourselves on knowing every aspect of this incredible technology. Lean into our years of experience and knowledge to help you determine the best business VoIP solution and start enjoying both the benefits and savings.  We’re committed to making business communication easier for you!

Why VoIP Solutions for Business?

Feature #1

VoIP is mobile

VoIP phone service empowers your staff with tools to work at home, in the office or in the field.  With single number reach, for example, your direct line will ring any device you choose – your desk set, cell phone or soft phone.  Your VoIP desk phone is also mobile.  Simply unplug, move to a new location, connect to power and a network and you’re back in business!

Feature #2

VoIP is flexible

No matter what size your business, no matter how far apart your locations and staff may be, no matter if your employees are stationary or highly mobile, VoIP can integrate and connect your business with a single, unified solution.

Feature #3

VoIP is feature-rich

Benefit from incredible productivity tools like audio and video conferencing, call recording, GPS integration, single number reach, instant messaging, mobile twinning, integration to third-party applications like Microsoft Office 365 and CRMs and so much more.

Feature #4

VoIP is cost-effective

With VoIP, voice signals are transmitted over a data network which is inherently less expensive to manage and maintain than the costly infrastructure associated with traditional analog systems.  VoIP also simplifies the deployment process, a plus for businesses with multiple locations.

Feature #5

VoIP is scalable

Regardless of how your business grows, VoIP will help you keep up with far less effort and cost over traditional analog systems.

Feature #6

VoIP is compatible

VoIP works and integrates with traditional analog or digital telephone lines and telephone sets. It plays nice with internet-based productivity apps, including Microsoft Office 365, CRMs such as Salesforce, and can incorporate call center, call recording, and collaboration functionality. VoIP also seamlessly integrates with all wireless mobility providers.

Feature #7

VoIP is market visibility

VoIP enables your business to procure phone numbers in other cities, giving you a presence in another market without an actual physical location.

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Types of VoIP Phone Systems


On-premise VoIP Phone System

  • On-premise VoIP is a capital expenditure involving the purchase or lease of all of the required equipment.
  • Every piece of necessary hardware and software is installed at your location.
  • Your IT department and VoIP phone provider will oversee and arrange VoIP system installation, maintenance, upgrades, support, and overall configuration.
  • On-premise is also referred to as UC or private cloud.

Hosted VoIP Solutions for Small Businesses

  • Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system, hosted and serviced by a provider like Sunco that specializes in hosted VoIP systems.
  • It is considered an operational expenditure.
  • Hosted VoIP features greater redundancy and resiliency features than on-premise VoIP, with multiple levels of failover, should the need arise.
  • Hosted VoIP solutions are kept up-to-date and in pristine working order by your VoIP provider and can be tailored to your specific industry, such as hotel communications for example.

Hybrid VoIP solutions that combine features of both on-premise and hosted VoIP phone systems are also available, but due to their complexity, expert design and implementation are a must.

Whether it is an on-premise, hosted or hybrid VoIP solution, Sunco utilizes specialized hardware and software from leading manufacturers.


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Key considerations for your VoIP business phone system


✔ High-quality internet service

Since the internet forms the backbone of VoIP, your business will need a fast, reliable connection to maximize uptime and ensure voice quality. A fiber connection is best, though there are options if this is not feasible. Talk to a member of the Sunco team for more information on our family of internet services that can give you the speeds, reliability and resiliency VoIP requires.

✔ CRTC compliant provider

When considering a hosted VoIP solution, it is critical that your provider is registered with the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission). The CRTC protects businesses by ensuring business VoIP service providers in Canada adhere to strict standards, especially in regards to 9-1-1 emergency services.

✔ Experienced partner

VoIP telecom and cloud services are a hot commodity in business communication, and pop-up VoIP providers in Canada are becoming commonplace. Ensure your provider has longevity and possesses an experienced team and track record to support your needs. Remember – not all VoIP phone service in Canada is created equal, and expert advice is a must to protect your investment. Our experts have deployed VoIP solutions for schools, hotels, call centers, and more. Let’s see what we can do for you!

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Yes, an on-premise VoIP system can be deployed in an office environment using a LAN or private network.  However, features like mobile applications, third party integration and collaboration tools would not be available, in addition to SIP trunking.
Every business is different, and the right solution for you depends on multiple factors. While VoIP solutions are less expensive than traditional telecom, it’s important to take your needs into account to maximize value for cost.  Expert advice is a must. Our team is ready to help.
Often for the better! While call quality is dependent on proper system design and implementation, digital voice communication over IP is usually superior to traditional phone lines. Your LAN will need to be correctly configured, with voice traffic given appropriate priority. Professional advice is key, and Sunco can help.
An appropriately configured VoIP business phone system, whether on-premise or hosted, is equipped to handle network outages. Calls can failover to other lines — VoIP, cellular, or traditional — or be otherwise redirected as your organization sees fit. A hosted VoIP solution tends to offer improved redundancy and resiliency for exactly this sort of situation. Please visit our 9-1-1 Emergency Services page for more information on 9-1-1.
Absolutely. The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) created a strict set of regulations to ensure the safety of clients using a VoIP system or SIP trunking. VoIP providers in Canada, like Sunco, must conform to these regulations and submit a lengthy and comprehensive application to be considered a compliant provider. Sunco has gone through this process to ensure our clients receive reliable and government-compliant 9-1-1 service via Sunco SIP trunks and Voice for Business. Please visit our 9-1-1 emergency services page for more details on how 9-1-1 calls are resolved on VoIP/SIP service.