Managed IT services can help reduce a company’s IT costs by 40% while enhancing productivity by 50 to 60%. That’s why more and more businesses are increasing their investment in IT and the managed services provider (MSP) market is growing. We know the benefits – it’s critical to understand the types of managed IT services so you can get the most out of your tech investment.

In order to determine which types of managed IT services are best suited to help your business, you need to take a full assessment of your business’s current IT assets (software, hardware, network) and identify needs and gaps.

The right MSP can accomplish all of the above, ensuring you can:

  • Reduce network downtime (which can cost thousands per minute)
  • Prevent data breaches (which can cost millions)
  • Automate redundancies (enhancing productivity)

But not all MSPs are created equal. You’ll be able to leverage different types of managed services from different providers, but not necessarily the ones you need.

Given that reality, we’ll explore the different types of managed services more in-depth so you’ll have a greater understanding of which services can help your business grow and which ones you can safely eschew.


6 Types of IT Managed Services and How They Help


1. Support Services

Support services are the backbone of all managed services; it’s what ensures that your day-to-day information technology needs are addressed so that your system remains optimally efficient at all times.

Even the most basic IT service packages will have support services as a bedrock. On average, most businesses will first seek out IT support and helpdesk services after facing numerous network slowdowns or other such productivity-sapping disruptions. Your support team will also monitor, maintain, and update your operating systems – a critical element of your IT environment.

If your business is facing persistent interruptions to its technology (and consequently its workflow) then IT support is an absolute must-have service that can help your business regain its time and productivity.

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2. Cyber Security Services

We’re entering the era of the cyber criminal. Already a trillion-dollar criminal enterprise, cybersecurity has never been more important. More to the point, small and medium-sized businesses tend to believe themselves under the radar of these online assailants – but that’s simply not the case.

Cyber crime is occurring with increasing frequency to smaller businesses precisely because they tend to have fewer cybersecurity measures in place to dissuade and prevent these attacks.

Your cybersecurity services can help implement technical solutions like firewalls, endpoint monitoring, and threat remediation, in addition to staff training in cybersecurity best practices to prevent social engineering attacks.


3. Network and Infrastructure Services

All Types of Managed Services
Common causes of network outages; Uptime Institute

A network that is prone to work stoppages and interruptions can lead to massive productivity losses. As mentioned at the start of this piece, those losses can amount to 1000s of dollars per minute during network downtime depending on your business’s size.

Your MSP can assume full accountability for your network and infrastructure management, however, to ensure that downtime is mitigated or outright eliminated.

They will also install and manage all your network connections: LAN, WAP, and VPN.

What’s more, managed networks are augmented with cybersecurity measures and solutions so that network vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to your IT system and critical data are identified and closed before they can be exploited.


4. Cloud Services

The cloud is becoming increasingly integral to virtually every business workflow. Cloud-based data, for instance, allows for a wide range of users to access and work on the same project no matter where they may be in the world. And cloud computing can expedite and automate many repetitive tasks that otherwise command dozens or maybe even hundreds of hours of work.

With a well-implemented cloud infrastructure in place, you’ll be able to leverage leading services, including:

  • Automated cloud backups
  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud cybersecurity solutions
  • Cloud management and maintenance

And more.

With the right MSP as your IT partner, you can count on a high level of service that will ensure your investment in the cloud is maximally efficient. Otherwise, you may not be able to access the many benefits that a well-implemented and maintained cloud infrastructure offers.


5.  On-Site Services

The vast majority of your IT issues can be solved remotely by your IT managed services team. But there may come a time when you face an IT issue that requires onsite support. Without the ability to access rapid onsite support, your entire workflow runs the risk of being derailed by an IT disruption (i.e. network cabling issue).


Another common reason why companies leverage managed on-site services is for desktop and monitor maintenance.

You may also require hardware support. Again, while most solutions can be administered remotely by your IT team, there are some technical malfunctions that do require or are best addressed by someone physically handling them. Devices covered include:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Network cabling
  • Phone systems
  • Printers
  • Mobile devices


6. Managed Communication

Communication is critical to the efficiency of your business. Without reliable maintenance of your communications technology, breakdowns between teams and during critical projects are, unfortunately, all too common.

Your managed communication services will usually focus on video and voice over internet protocol (VoIP), but you can also access services for chat-based instant messaging and internal messaging platforms (Slack, Zoom, MS Teams, etc.).

Your MSP will be able to support all your communication channels; types of managed communication services run the gamut from support to implementing scalable, cost-effective services like VoIP.

Many businesses continue to use outdated modes of communication – to their detriment. With the right MSP, you can ensure that your communications are free from outages while also reducing your overall spend on comms.

All Types of Managed Services


All Types of Managed Services Delivered by a Proven MSP

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