Today, more than ever, schools need an effective communications solution. Everyone has had to adapt, but some of the most significantly affected institutions have been schools. They need a solution that works for everyone, staff, parents, and, of course, kids. Advanced VoIP solutions for schools could be just what they need.


What Are VoIP Telephony Solutions?

VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol.” It’s an established technology that uses the internet for phone calls. This provides greater reliability and can cut costs as well, making enterprise VoIP solutions a favorite among many businesses.

Corporate VoIP solutions are just about everywhere, and adoption is expected to keep growing. Use in other institutions like government, hospitals, and schools is increasing as well. However, the best VoIP solutions offer far more than simply reducing a school’s phone bill.


Advanced VoIP Solutions

Today, VoIP solutions in Toronto and around the world have greatly expanded their features to become more comprehensive. When a school upgrades from legacy systems like Nortel, Cisco, or Avaya VoIP solutions, they’re unlocking an extensive range of features, including:

  • Online faxing
  • Video conferencing
  • Conference calls
  • Call routing
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call recording
  • Call forwarding
  • And more

VoIP solutions for schools offer the core functionality that modern institutions need to carry out their daily operations efficiently and effectively.

VoIP fax solutions go far beyond simply sending faxes online. Just like the best VoIP solution for small businesses, schools will also enjoy faster large file transfers, electronic signatures, group delivery, mobile faxing, and improved security.

Implementation is also straightforward and versatile. The new VoIP business phone solutions can work seamlessly with existing hardware to provide PBX VoIP solutions. There’s no need to disrupt existing hardware for internal communications. Both school and small business VoIP PBX solutions can be adjusted to suit any existing system.

Advanced VoIP solutions are more than the sum of their parts. Schools access features through a straightforward and intuitive framework. By consolidating these features within a single system, schools are able to maintain greater control and make the most of their VoIP office solutions.


Hosted VoIP Solutions for Schools

The latest VoIP solutions for schools make the most of cloud technology to provide even greater flexibility. Cloud-based VoIP solutions enable easier remote access while maintaining security and reducing equipment overhead for schools.

While VoIP hardware solutions are still needed in some cases, most schools can save even more by relying on cloud services. Modern VoIP cloud solutions have the core security requirements that schools are required to meet, allowing them to benefit from custom VoIP solutions without unnecessary risk.

They can enjoy the same cost savings and streamlined workflows that have been provided by hosted VoIP solutions for small businesses for years. Even with the increased privacy and security requirements that the school environment imposes, VoIP solutions are the best option available today.



The Need for Managed VoIP Solutions

There are many potential routes that a school can take when choosing their VoIP solution providers. There are open-source VoIP solutions, basic VoIP packages, and more. However, the most prudent choice for institutions like schools is to choose managed VoIP solutions.

Just like with large business VoIP phone solutions, the needs of schools can quickly become complex. That’s why schools should choose a service provider that is there to provide ongoing support and service. Schools need more than just installation and their monthly plan. They need a provider that will be there when they need help.

Managed VoIP telephony services provide just that. Schools won’t be burdened with the need to coordinate maintenance, management, upgrades, warranties, and more.

Instead, the service provider handles everything. This keeps the school’s VoIP system working reliably and up to date with the latest security requirements and new features, just like any other VoIP phone solutions for business.

Most importantly, the school will have someone there to provide support when something goes wrong. Disruptions can have a massive impact on the essential everyday functions of the school, and going with managed communications and office VoIP solutions is the way to mitigate them as much as possible and deal with all VoIP problems and solutions.


The Bottom Line for VoIP Solutions for Schools

Upgrading a school’s existing VoIP system to managed cloud services or transitioning from a legacy system can have significant benefits. Reduced costs are one of those benefits.

Schools can eliminate the maintenance and repair costs they pay to uphold legacy systems. Bringing together voice, internet, video, and other services under a single provider can provide even more savings. Managed services further reduce the need for on-site IT personnel or irregular service from expensive contractors.


Advanced VoIP Solutions for Your School

Sunco provides managed VoIP services and other VoIP business phone solutions here in Alberta. We handle everything from efficient implementation to reliable long-term support.

If your school, business, or other institution is in need of an effective communications solution, you can contact Sunco today to find out how we can meet your unique challenges.



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