The demand for high-speed internet is increasing exponentially as businesses move toward online services like Zoom, Slack, Google for Business, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, data centers and Cloud back-up. Reliable internet is critical. The impact can be significant if your service is intermittent or goes down. Clients may become frustrated and lose faith; team members may lose productivity, and your bottom line may be affected.

With many businesses now using Cloud technology and industry studies indicating all businesses will switch to the Cloud in the future, the advantages of a fibre optic connection have never been clearer.

Consider a fibre optic connection to ensure your business keeps up!

What is Fibre Optic Technology?

High-speed fibre optic internet uses small, flexible strands of glass to transmit light which allows data to be sent faster, more reliably and over a greater distance. Data is delivered via a dedicated line, with guaranteed consistent speeds, even during peak usage periods. With fibre optic internet, upload and download speeds are equal and do not impact each other.

Different Types of Fibre Optics

There are two main types of fibre optics: Dedicated fibre lines and Consumer grade fibre optic internet.

Dedicated fibre optic broadband is a devoted network to one business and network, which is not shared. 


Features include:

  • Dedicated bandwidth to your business and network,
  • SLAs and SLOs exclusive to your business,
  • Symmetrical, dual upload and download,
  • Consistent internet speed,
  • Reliable services,
  • A higher cost compared to consumer grade.


Consumer Grade fibre optic internet options are a shared network, amongst many different users in an area, sharing a common larger connection. 

Features include:

  • Shared bandwidth with 30+ businesses,
  • Often oversubscribed, which can lead to inconsistent service and speed,
  • Longer SLO results, no guarantee of solution,
  • Symmetrical, dual upload and download, 
  • A higher internet speed at a lower cost.


Fibre Optic Features 

When looking at fibre optic broadband options, you may think that the faster internet speed is better but reliable internet connection should be at the forefront of your decision. Reliability is not the only factor you should consider, but also your business’s location and budget should also be considered. 

Dedicated fibre optics has dedicated internet connection, availability depends on location and can cost around $500 and more per month, on average. 

Consumer Grade fibre optics is generally a more unreliable internet connection, especially when others are using it. It is available in more locations and is usually more budget friendly at $250 per month and less. 

If you cannot get dedicated fibre to all your locations, Sunco provides customized alternative options. For example, Managed Internet or Bonded consumer grades to provide more reliable connection. A great example of this is Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd.  whom we worked closely with to provide both affordable, fast, and reliable internet for.


What Works for You?

It is a worthwhile exercise to examine connectivity for your business and plan for potential future growth. We understand that you may not have the time to do an in-depth assessment of our available options when it comes to your voice and data network systems. We have a streamlined telecom bill audit that allows for decisions to be made quickly with just your basic current telecom provider information.

Let Sunco do the research and legwork for you — we partner with all the major telecom/internet service providers and can help you assess what’s best for your business:

  • Do you actually need a fibre connection?
  • If yes, is a fibre service available in your area?
  • How reliable is your current service?
  • Can your current Internet contract be renegotiated for faster speeds?

Let our team provide you with the personal, local and knowledgeable advice you need to keep you and your business connected now and into the future. Ultimately, the connection you choose for your business will have a major impact on customer satisfaction, employee productivity and your bottom line.

Contact Sunco today to get Fibre for your business! 

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