The managed IT services industry is growing rapidly at a CAGR of 8.6%; businesses are more reliant than ever on the benefits provided by experienced tech partners. But that doesn’t mean that IT managed services challenges don’t exist.

Let’s examine some of the most common challenges businesses face and the best ways to prevent them from impacting your business.


4 Common IT Managed Services Challenges You Can Avoid

Your business may face a number of challenges as it works with an outsourced IT partner. Generally, these issues are easy to solve and preempt with the right MSP.

Your MSP, in other words, should be able to demonstrate that they can avoid the following issues:

  • Insufficient experience with all IT systems
  • Inability to respond to issues quickly
  • Lack of full-time monitoring
  • Unable to develop long-term IT strategies

With our list of common IT managed services provider challenges complete, let’s dive deeper into how to avoid these issues.

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Insufficient Experience With All IT Systems

When you’re working with MSPs, the assumption is that your entire IT burden will be offloaded to subject matter experts.

But what if your managed services provider doesn’t have the requisite expertise to manage your entire IT environment?

Unfortunately, this is all too common a problem. Many IT support providers can handle break/fix tasks and network support, sure, but in regards to more complex IT projects, like server migration or network cabling or cloud infrastructure management, gaps begin to reveal themselves.

IT Managed Services Provider Challenges


In order to be maximally efficient with your IT investment, it’s critical that your MSP has the experience and qualified staff necessary to manage every single one of your IT needs, both the ones you face in the present, and the ones you’re bound to face as you grow.

If you want to avoid these challenges, make sure that your IT partner has all or most of the following when assessing different providers:

  • Networking specialists
  • Cloud specialists
  • Cybersecurity specialists
  • vCIOs and long-term IT planning specialists
  • Data storage specialists
  • Digital transformation specialists
  • VoIP specialists
  • Cabling specialists

Many IT partners will fail to have subject matter experts for each domain. That said, if they can’t at least guarantee you’ll be supported by specialists in most of these domains, then you’re better off looking elsewhere.


Inability to Respond to Issues Quickly

Every minute of network downtime can lead to thousands of dollars of losses a minute.  But your business need not suffer from such a calamitous revenue drain.

With rapid reaction times, your IT partner will be able to quickly identify and respond to IT issues the moment they appear. A response should be guaranteed within minutes or hours; otherwise, it simply becomes untenable to have support service levels that are lax, and your business will be more vulnerable to such draining disruptions.

The best way to avoid the challenges of having to deal with overlong support wait times is via service level agreements (SLAs). These are ironclad documents that clearly delineate response times and other services you can count on.

Without an SLA in place, your IT partner’s response times may be slow or inconsistent and you won’t have many options for recourse. But with SLAs, it’s written in clear, black ink (or digitally) what your MSP must deliver to be in compliance with your original partnership conditions.


Lack of Full-Time Monitoring

Thousands of businesses are beset each year by increasingly sophisticated online cyberattacks. These attacks are very successful; they are projected to yield over $10.5 trillion in value by 2025.

With so many businesses forced to shutter following a data breach, you can’t afford to play fast and lose with your cybersecurity solutions.

The only way to guarantee that your business is safe is by constant remote monitoring (and we mean constant – 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year). No breaks. No vacation. No sick days. Something needs to be constantly monitoring your business and its potential vulnerabilities at all times.

MSPs have responded to this need with around-the-clock monitoring and support services. That means that cybersecurity solutions or IT specialists will constantly be monitoring your business for signs of an attack. Once identified, they can quickly address them before they can breach your business’s IT network and cause havoc.

IT managed services provider challenges

In order to avoid cyber security issues, ensure that your IT support partner is able to provide constant remote monitoring. This again should be guaranteed by an SLA so you can get peace of mind that your business is safe in all eventualities.


Unable to Develop Long-Term IT Strategies

Your IT issues aren’t fixed. Which is to say that they will dynamically develop as your business grows. With each new process or additional client, or additional service your business provides, you open up your business to new IT issues. Some are simple fixes like increasing the capacity of your networks or building onboarding processes for more efficient workforce expansion.

Others, however, require more thorough consideration, like a cloud migration or process assessment and automation.

But many IT partners won’t account for these future issues, leaving their clients vulnerable to tech impairments to growth – something that should never occur.

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Avoiding this outcome is critical to maintaining a robust growth trajectory. And the best way to achieve this is by developing comprehensive IT roadmaps that allow your business to account for these potential issues well before you actually encounter them. That way, your business continues to grow without fear of technical constraints impairing growth.

Customer support and communication are keys here, as your IT partner needs to evaluate your goals and forecast potential issues associated with said goals. From there, they need to develop ways to circumvent those issues.

Something as simple as building out technology lifecycle schedules can immensely benefit your business, facilitating growth and making scaling seamless.


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IT Managed Services Challenges

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