Case Study – Telecom System Upgrade & 3CX VoIP System Implementation

About the Client

Len’s Transportation Group Ltd. provides professional heavy equipment transport services across Canada and the continental United States including all major cities and small towns. The transport company uses hydraulic removable, gooseneck, and low beds to transport equipment for the following industries: construction, mining, oil and gas, wind energy, steel mills, petrochemical, manufacturing plants, aggregate, residential, and commercial moving requirements. Their in-house permits department makes it fast and easy to meet local and state ordinances on overweight & dimensional requirements whether moving or storing excess inventory or equipment. For a city-to-city move, they coordinate pilot cars with Canadian customs bonds permitting their clients to schedule trips when it best suits their schedule.


Telecom System Upgrade & 3CX VoIP System Implementation

The Challenge

Faced with an outdated telecommunications network system Len’s Transportation Group knew they were in need of upgrading. The existing office phone system was failing, replacement parts were no longer available, and outages were common. The impact on day-to-day business was becoming increasingly apparent.

Unimpressed with their existing vendor’s upgrade options, Leonard, the President & General Manager, reached out to Sunco’s President, Sean Schoenberger for a telephone system upgrade solution. Sean and the Sunco team were eager to help undertake the challenges Len’s Transportation Group was experiencing.

I reached out to the major vendors but found that they were just not proactive,” said Len, “they didn’t understand our needs and didn’t do the leg work to satisfy our requirements.


Reliability was the primary goal for Len, but an additional savings of 50% off the monthly telco bill helped sweeten the deal!


3CX Voice Solution

Telecom System Upgrade & 3CX VoIP System Implementation


VoIP systems knowledge and expertise of the Sunco team were evident. The consultative approach provided Len with choices from simple to exotic. Every staff member listened to the company requirements and didn’t get overly techy. Sunco’s approach is to act as an extension of a company’s team, handcrafting a perfect-fit 3CX voice solution that:

  • Would easily migrate in a timely manner to minimize any downtime to business as usual.
  • Offer the flexibility of VoIP phone systems that are feature-rich and cost-conscious compared with a traditional phone system
  • Flexible call routing for a business phone system.
  • Desk phones with conference calls option from the box and optional video meetings.
  • Avoided changing any internet providers

Sunco implemented the 3CX voice solution and supplied Len’s Transport with preconfigured, easy-to-install, plug-and-play hardware. The same day as receiving the equipment, the shiny new business VoIP telecommunications system was online and ready for pre-launch testing.

It was obvious Sunco is a telecom solutions leader and one of the best VoIP providers in Canada and could deliver the solution we required


A complete VoIP and Cloud Solution for businesses, 3CX delivers high-value and low-cost communications. With a broad set of features, this flexible, scalable platform is designed to meet all your current and future business communication needs.


The Outcome

“From the onset of the project, the Sunco staff were very easy to talk to. I loved the preplanning meeting and the solution walk-through.”

The “white glove” approach by Sunco was highly valued and Len was delighted to immediately experience many benefits from implementing the latest VoIP solutions from 3CX including

  • A seamless mobile client increased flexibility for the team at Len’s Trucking to be mobile onsite and across multiple locations, taking their extension wherever they go.
  • The self-serve modern console allows Len to manage on-demand functionality. Plus, he can lean on Sunco’s competent business phone service, which is well known.
  • Best of both worlds! Sunco’s established and expert relationships provided a wholesale option, so Len didn’t have to change internet connection vendors. Making business communication easier.

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