Why outsource IT infrastructure? The primary reason for outsourcing IT infrastructure is the same reason you’d choose to outsource any other task: it can be done more efficiently by specialists.

Why you outsource IT infrastructure is because hiring multiple IT specialists would dramatically increase your IT budget. But with the right infrastructure outsourcing partner, you can achieve optimal efficiency while maintaining control over your IT budget.

Many businesses have already discovered how beneficial this can be to their operations; it’s why the industry is growing by dozens of billions every year. 

Let’s now examine several key benefits of IT infrastructure outsourcing.


Why Outsource IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure outsourcing complements your business’s core competencies with a team of IT experts with decades of cumulative experience in:

  • Identifying underlying issues with your IT infrastructure
  • Managing your infrastructure assets – hardware, software, and network
  • Intercepting cyberattacks and other potential troubles

With the right outsourced services you can get a maximally cost-effective tech investment. 

Infrastructure managed services are adept at delivering high ROI through:

  • Developing long-term IT roadmaps
  • Protecting your business from cyber threats
  • Managing your larger IT projects
  • Updating and upgrading your technology
  • Scaling your infrastructure to handle increased workloads

Contemporary business requires reliable technology or risk ceding a competitive advantage to competitors.



Small businesses face several challenges: budget, knowledge, lack of resources, etc. And bringing on an in-house team of IT employees will cost that business hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.

Which leads us to one of the most critical benefits of outsourcing infrastructure services: getting every single IT infrastructure service you need for a price that works for your business.

To that point, let’s explore a handful of the outsourcing benefits that deliver maximal value to your business.


Long-Term IT Planning

CEOs are planning on spending more on their IT; they understand the impact a few well-spent IT dollars can have. That’s why 75% of the CEOs surveyed by PwC said that technology investment was a top priority.

In other words, making strategic technology investments at the right time can yield massive benefits to your business. You can benefit from:

  • Process automation
  • Avoid working with outdated technologies
  • Avoid technology constraints as your workload increases and your business grows
  • Facilitate your onboarding processes
  • Protect your business from developing cybersecurity threats

And more.

You’ll be able to avoid all these issues and more when you leverage IT infrastructure outsourcing services.


Cybersecurity Protection

Small businesses are targeted more frequently than larger companies by cyber attacks. There are many reasons for this, but one of the primary ones is that smaller businesses tend to believe themselves insulated from these cyber threats, not bothering to invest in the appropriate cybersecurity solutions, leaving them vulnerable.

When you work with an IT infrastructure outsourcing partner, however, you will reduce risk and protect your business from these threats.

Security services include: 

  • Full-time monitoring
  • Consistent updating and patching, closing vulnerabilities
  • Routine infrastructure security assessments
  • Cybersecurity training for staff
  • Security-first onboarding and offboarding protocols

And that’s just the start. In concert, these solutions and services will keep your business safe.


85.7% of Canadian Businesses Suffer Successful Cyber Attacks Every Year

When there’s no room for mistakes, you need a trusted partner


Project Management

Managing day-to-day IT operations can be simple once you enter a routine; managing long-term, high-investment projects is much more complex.

That’s why outsourcing to IT specialists who have managed these major IT projects for dozens of other clients successfully in the past is critical to ensuring that yours is completed on budget, on time, and done without error.


Technology Management

Technology is constantly changing, evolving, and developing. Leveraging the most advanced technology can be a huge boon to your business, ensuring you have more efficient workflows, can automate redundant tasks, etc.

But identifying when it’s time to replace one of your IT assets with an upgrade requires a familiarity with the technology industry that you and your staff may not possess.

What’s more, as your business grows you will naturally need to swap out systems that are functional with fewer clients but can’t operate at scale.


Why Outsource IT Infrastructure


Your infrastructure is supported by hardware and software that – if they aren’t optimized – will cost you business by way of lost productivity and lower efficiency.

But with IT infrastructure outsourcing services your business will benefit from technology roadmapping and lifecycle planning. In other words, your business will always be outfitted with the latest and best technology – identified and procured by your MSP at an industry-insider price.


Scaling Your Infrastructure

One of the massive benefits of IT infrastructure outsourcing is that your business can scale seamlessly to meet growing demands. 

A fast-growing business’s number one challenge can be effectively scaling without oversights and inefficiencies developing – but scaling doesn’t have to be so difficult.

When you outsource your IT to specialists, they’ll ensure that your business’s technology will always be ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges. That means making timely and strategic updates and upgrades, ensuring your workflow remains unimpeded by increased demand.

What’s more, as your IT demands grow, having a full team supporting your business means you have more resources to draw from whenever the demand appears.


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