“A lot of the time, you get what you pay for when it comes to VoIP – but there are ways you can be strategic to get the most bang for your buck” – Sean Schoenberger, President, Sunco Communication and Installation

When you pay for a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, you’re buying more than just calls over the internet. The cost of VoIP pricing also encompasses all the advanced features, services, and infrastructure that make those calls over the internet possible.

Many of those things aren’t found in a traditional phone system. For that reason, it makes sense that there would be some additional costs involved in VoIP. However, this doesn’t mean that VoIP is inherently expensive. There is long-term ROI and value to consider as you make the switch.

This article is here to help you understand what drives VoIP phone prices. This knowledge will help you select a VoIP provider that can truly enhance your ROI.


Understanding The Typical Business VoIP Pricing Structure

Your VoIP provider’s base monthly fee isn’t usually what your actual price will be. While it may vary, the following list highlights what typically affects your price with most providers. Bear in mind that this may vary, and what a provider does or does not charge for may affect your choice.


Users Per Month

Many VoIP providers charge a per-user fee each month. That means the more users you have, the higher your monthly bill will be. However, some providers offer packaged discounts for businesses with a large number of users.

Setup Fee

A setup fee is a one-time cost that covers the labour involved in setting up your new phone system and any necessary training. Although this is a one-time cost, you should still keep it in mind while shopping for a VoIP solution. Not all providers charge for setup.

Equipment Fee

VoIP services often require special equipment to run properly. If this equipment isn’t included in your plan, you’ll need to purchase it separately. This can be a significant additional cost to your VoIP service.

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Add-On Services

If you need any additional services like extra phone numbers, toll-free numbers, or advanced call handling, that’s usually an extra cost per feature.

Overage Charges

If your plan has a limit on minutes or data and you exceed that limit, you could be charged overage fees. This amount may vary based on your provider and how much you exceeded your limit.

International Calls

The cost of making international calls can vary widely among providers. Some providers include international calls in their plans, while others charge extra. Keep this in mind while choosing your VoIP provider.


Additional Features That Can Come With Your VoIP Services

Your provider makes a big difference when it comes to your VoIP phone system cost. However, one more factor to consider is the additional features they provide. The right mix of bonus functionalities can be worth the price if your business reaps significant benefits from them.

Here are some of the features that you may want and what they can do.




Business Phone A dedicated phone line for business use
Direct Number A unique phone number for direct contact
Unlimited domestic calling US/Canada No limit on the number of calls within the US and Canada
Enhanced Business SMS Advanced messaging features for business communication
Portal Access Access to a dedicated online portal for managing services
Call Recording (1 GB or 30 days Retention) Ability to record calls with storage up to 1 GB or for 30 days
UC Softphone (Android/IOS) Unified Communications Softphone app for Android and iOS devices
WebRTC Web Phone A web-based phone system using WebRTC technology
Auto Attendant Automated system for directing incoming calls
Ring All / Hunt Group A feature that rings all phones in a group or hunts for the next available line
Music on Hold Music played for callers on hold
Find-me-Follow-me Call forwarding service that routes calls to multiple numbers
MS Team Connector Integration with Microsoft Teams
WebRTC Video Meetings / Desktop Sharing Web-based video meetings and desktop sharing using WebRTC technology
Dashboard Central interface for managing all features
Wallboard Display board for call center metrics
Reporting Detailed reports on call metrics
Call Center Queues Management of call queues in a call center
Portal Fax (200 pages/month) Fax service through the portal with a limit of 200 pages per month
Voicemail Transcription Transcription service for voicemails


What to Consider While Comparing VoIP Phone Prices

The lowest-cost phone system isn’t necessarily your best option. You need to consider the value and if the cost is justified. Here is a list of things to consider when comparing VoIP prices other than the dollar amount itself.

  1. Does it have all the features you need?
  2. Will the system be able to scale with your business growth?
  3. Is the system easy to use and manage?
  4. Will it integrate with other software tools your business uses?
  5. Can it sustain call quality with your internet service provider?
  6. What cybersecurity measures does the VoIP provider have in place?
  7. What kind of customer support does the service provider offer?
  8. Does the VoIP provider require a long-term contract? If so, is that ok for your business?



Get The Right Phone Services For The Right Cost

Optimizing the value of your business phone system is simpler than you might think. With the right considerations, you can find top-tier VoIP solutions that deliver both quality and cost-efficiency.

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