One of the biggest benefits of a VoIP service over traditional, analog phone systems is its ability to blend with your other business software tools. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to integrate it with every single application you use. So, which integrations are best with a VoIP phone system for small businesses?

That might seem like a tough decision. After all, some businesses use 100s of applications in their operations. The best apps to integrate with your VoIP system are ones that you use to enhance communication with your customers or between employees. Although, there are a few exceptions.

To help you make sense of all this, let’s take a closer look at small business VoIP integrations. We’ll discuss the benefits of integrations, offer suggestions for which tools you should integrate, and provide advice on how you can make that decision.


Why Small Businesses Should Use VoIP

Small businesses should use VoIP to enhance communication while reducing operational costs. This technology ensures that every call, whether with customers or between team members, is clear, reliable, and efficient.

VoIP also significantly reduces the cost of international calls. This is because it leverages business phone and internet connections to deliver calls. Having a cost-effective way to expand your customer base and workforce worldwide is great news for your business growth.


Why Integrate VoIP With Other Software Tools?

Integrating VoIP with other software tools creates a unified communication platform that simplifies many operational processes. Here are a few of the many benefits of VoIP integrations.


Streamlined Operations

Integrating VoIP with other software tools automates and synchronizes data across multiple platforms. This integration reduces your need for manual labour updating communication data across multiple systems.


Enhanced Communication

Integrating VoIP with other tools creates a single platform that improves team and customer communication. This unified system centralizes chat, email, and calls, making interactions simpler and more efficient.



Integrating VoIP with other tools can optimize your communication costs by centralizing functionalities. For instance, integrating VoIP with CRM software can automate client communication. This reduces the need for separate platforms, thereby minimizing costs.


Data-Driven Insights

Integrating your VOIP solution with analytics tools provides valuable insights into communication patterns and customer behaviour. This data can be used to optimize customer interactions and enhance service delivery.


Heightened Security

Integrated VoIP systems, especially ones with advanced features, employ robust security protocols to safeguard communication data. Encryptions, secure data transit, and regular security updates ensure that your business communications remain confidential.



VoIP integrations allow your communication system to scale with your business. You can easily expand communication capabilities and adapt to your growing needs consistently without substantial investments or system changes.


Which Software Tools Should Your Small Business Integrate With Your VoIP Phone System?

Any business benefits when they integrate their VoIP solution with other business tools. SMBs are no exception. Here are 4 integrations that are particularly helpful when integrated with a VoIP phone system for a small business.

1. CRM and VoIP Integration

Integrating VoIP with CRM systems allows sales teams to access customer information during customer calls through the business phone system. When an incoming call is received, the integration allows your agent to quickly retrieve relevant customer data. This ensures that they can provide personalized and efficient customer service.


2. Collaboration Tools

Integrating VoIP with collaboration tools, like MS Teams, enables team members to make outbound calls directly from the platform. This immediate communication capability helps your team make decisions and share information in real time during discussions.


3. eCommerce Platforms

VoIP integrations with eCommerce platforms give customer service representatives immediate access to purchase history during customer phone calls. This immediate access ensures that the assistance provided is both accurate and personalized.


4. Marketing Automation Tools

By integrating VoIP with your marketing automation platform, you can feed information from live calls into your marketing system. This data is invaluable for you as you tailor future marketing campaigns.


Is Your VoIP Software Integration Worth It?

No matter how well you planned your integration process, it will require resource allocation and additional time. You may be hesitant to perform an integration based on this fact. If you are, consider the following as a way to assess if a VoIP software integration is worth it.

These considerations may also help you decide whether you should integrate your VoIP system with another tool not mentioned above.


Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Evaluate the financial and operational impacts of integrating your VoIP with another tool. Consider long-term ROI, not just the short-term costs. If long-term enhancements outweigh the initial costs, it’s a worthwhile investment.


Consider Your Operational Efficiency

VoIP integrations can notably enhance efficiency by consolidating various communication channels into a single platform. In fact,  68% of small businesses report that consolidated, cloud-based communications significantly enhanced productivity.

Reflect on your business’s operational efficiency. How might VoIP integrations streamline your operations and minimize communication delays? Use your assessment to plan your integrations accordingly.


Consider The Customer Experience

VoIP integrations can significantly enhance the customer experience by providing customer service representatives with immediate access to customer data during calls. Think about your team’s customer interactions. If your employees deal with a high volume of calls, this can help them uphold high-quality, personalized customer service despite high volumes.


How Sunco Communications & Installations Helps

The complexities related to integrations are tough to manage if you only have telecom experience or only have IT experience. Choosing and managing the right small business VoIP integrations hinges on finding experts who know both.

Thankfully, Sunco Communications & Installations is both an experienced telecoms provider and a managed IT service provider. This unique combination of skills means that we’re well-equipped to help any small business navigate through their VoIP software integrations. Our telecoms-managed service team is also great at keeping tabs on your system to ensure all is well.

Reach out to us today to see how we’ve got both skill sets in the bag.

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