The Benefits of Microsoft 365 For Businesses

Benefits of Microsoft 365 For Businesses

 Most people are familiar with the Office 365 suite. Between office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, Office has over 345 million paid seats worldwide. With this much common familiarity, the benefits of Office 365 for business seem like they would be well-known. “Office 365 is often treated as the default choice. […]

What Can You Do to Avoid The Risks of BYOD?

 Currently, 31% of Canadians work remotely and 47% work in a hybrid office. This is a huge jump when you consider that only 7% of Canadians worked remotely in 2016. While remote work has its benefits, it also has its risks. Many of which are the same risks of BYOD policies that would exist […]

7 Cybersecurity Best Practices That Enhance Fraud Prevention

Effective fraud detection and prevention have always been critical aspects of information protection. The problem is that fraud prevention is becoming increasingly difficult online. As a result, the RCMP noticed a 40% increase in cyber fraud between 2021 and 2022, a number that is expected to continue to rise. “Many financial crimes are preventable, especially […]

What Are The Real Benefits of Technology in The Workplace?

 It should come as no surprise that modern technology plays a critical role in the modern workplace. The benefits of technology in the workplace are often discussed in relation to employee productivity, cost savings, and increased competitiveness – but are those the only advantages of technology for businesses? “Most business owners know that information […]

What Are The Risks & Benefits of IT Outsourcing Services?

  IT outsourcing is often pitched as a cost-effective solution with numerous long-term benefits. In many ways, this claim is true. However, like anything else, IT outsourcing has pros and cons. It’s important to do in-depth research before signing any contracts. “The IT outsourcing model has a lot to offer any business. Recognizing the risks […]

How You Can Use ASC Technologies to Enhance Call Recording Compliance

  Compliance recording refers to the process of documenting and preserving various forms of communication like phone calls, virtual meetings, and financial transactions in a way that ensures adherence to specific compliance requirements. In many cases, practicing compliance recording is a matter of the law, but it’s not the only reason why you should do […]

Why Use Managed IT Services?

  The importance of managed services lies in the service model’s ability to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency. As such, managed IT’s benefits go far beyond mere technical solutions. Managed IT services directly address several key business challenges. “Managed IT isn’t just about solving technology challenges. It’s also about solving business challenges […]

How to Determine The ROI of Your Cloud-Based VoIP Upgrade

  The average employee spends 400 minutes a month communicating with colleagues or clients. With so much time spent on communication, why wouldn’t a business owner want the best possible communication system? Cloud-based VoIP is certainly an option, but we understand that you want to see its potential ROI before making an investment. “We’re a […]

What Are The Best Information Security Strategies For Businesses?

 Every business, large or small, needs an information security strategy . It only takes one security incident to compromise copious amounts of sensitive data. It’s important to realize that every business holds sensitive information. You may not have healthcare records, but you still have customer and employee personal information. Your whole information security strategy […]

What Are The Benefits of Hiring IT Consulting Services?

The benefits of consulting in IT aren’t always obvious. It’s easy to see that strategic advice from an IT expert will simplify project management and ensure your business remains competitive. Yet, there are some hidden additional benefits of IT consulting. “In today’s increasingly digital world, the right IT strategy is the difference between surviving and […]