At Sunco, we are more than a telecommunications company – we are partners committed to providing our clients with ideal solutions while building long-term relationships. Integrated into our culture are these three key elements that define us: superior knowledge and experience, personalized touch, and delivering quality.

But, in a world filled with buzzwords, constant promotion, and quite simply – clutter, our actions truly speak louder than words. All these qualities show through in our work, and this could not be truer than in our relationship with Max Fuel Distributors Ltd.

Max Fuel Distributor Ltd. (Max Fuel) is an organization dedicated to meeting the fuel needs of people in Northern Alberta and across Canada. As such, they require specific telecom solutions for optimal efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

Superior Knowledge and Experience

Right from its onset, Sunco’s partnership with Max Fuel was solutions-oriented. At the time, Max Fuel was utilizing services from a different telecom provider that were more expensive yet did not provide any extra value for the business.

Through his extensive experience in the industry, Sunco’s CEO Mike Schoenberger identified a circuit that was previously overcharged and not needed. With Sunco, Max Fuel gained customized service at a competitive price, resulting in significant savings that allowed them to direct those resources to other important business priorities.

Your business is unique—and so are your communication needs.  At Sunco, we utilize our superior knowledge and expertise in the industry to map out available service providers and their offerings. By taking the time to fully understand your business and its pain points, we develop distinct solutions that align with your best interests. Making business communication easier for you.

Personalized Touch

In particular, Sunco provided a seamless transition to upgraded telecommunication services, including network brokering services and a fully managed VoIP solution. Previously, Max Fuel utilized a voice solution unsuitable for their needs, that they had to manage on their own with little help from the experts. We migrated their voice services to provide a fully managed VoIP solution, allowing Max Fuel to focus on their business.

In our working relationships, we are personally accountable to the outcome of our solutions. This means we provide clients with different touchpoints and direct access to our team, so your telecommunications are worry-free. We know your name, we answer your questions, and we hear your needs directly. We seek to empower our clients to trust us as their partner in business, not “just a service provider”.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed deep connections with the B2B community – establishing ourselves as a business communication leader through great customer service and an advanced understanding of communication needs across industries.

From our sophisticated business VoIP options in Canada to our simplified billing procedures – we value transparency, sincerity, and integrity in everything we do.

Delivering Quality

One size does not fit all. Whether a business is looking for wireless internet service or VoIP phone management, delivering quality requires a dedication to finding the best possible solution that can evolve with your business. Our standard of excellence ensured there was no noticeable change to the end-user and a streamlined switch over. With Max Fuel, we took the opportunity to deliver quality in every aspect of our relationship, which is the approach we take with each client.

Together, we helped Max Fuel transition to a fully managed voice solution that was right for them, preventing common issues that arise with DIY problem-solving. We walked them through the migration process so that they could fully understand what they were getting into and not be left in the dark.

We understand that problems are inevitable, which is why we gather and utilize extensive data to stand behind so that if problems arise, they can be easily detected and addressed.

This is the Sunco Difference.

We care deeply about our work. Communication is everything to us. Each day, we live and breathe what makes us unique: providing superior knowledge with a personal touch and delivering quality every step of the way.

The best part is that you do not just have to take our word for it! Learn more about our values here, and partner with us for your next business communication solution to witness them in action.

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