What Is Hot Desking?

In general, hot desking is a shared space solution whereby workstations can be used interchangeably by multiple employees. Since it first came along in the 1990s, hot desking has evolved thanks to technology advances that make it easier to implement different aspects of hot desking to fit a variety of organizational systems and workplaces.

Specifically, a hot desking phone system is a great addition to your business especially if you have remote workers, on-call employees, or require after-hours phone coverage. With Mitel’s hot desking features, any team member can log into a desk phone on the company’s network using their secure credentials — you can even forward the line to a cell phone and receive calls from that line anywhere! Learn how hot desking companies are making the most of their phone system with Mitel’s hot desking phone feature.

Four Ways You Can Use Hot Desking to Boost Efficiency


  1. Remote work options
    With the rise in popularity of flexible work arrangements and work-from-home options, having the ability to access a shared phone line from anywhere is a must-have.
  2. On-call options for after-hours support
    The work doesn’t always stop when you shut off the lights and lock the door at the end of the workday. With a hot desk system for your phone, you can easily manage after-hours or on-call support to any shared phone including your mobile phone.
  3. Shared workspaces
    Many modern workplaces are optimizing physical workspaces to adapt to a mobile workforce and flexible scheduling. Hot desking for shared workspaces means that any employee — including field salespeople and remote employees — can use shared phones while working on-premise.
  4. Transfer reception coverage to anywhere
    Maintain consistent coverage of your main reception line without the hassle of shifting people or phones. Hot desking makes it easy to stay connected to your customers with seamless reception coverage from any phone in the office (or beyond).

Cost-Saving Benefits of Hot Desking

What does hot desking mean for your bottom line? Well, the most obvious benefit is optimizing usage per phone or shared workspace, and reducing your overall real estate needs if you have flexible scheduling or remote employees. Offering flexible, remote work options is a great way to reduce office expenses while promoting greater work-life balance for your team.

Another great advantage is the flexibility you gain with a hot desking system where you can cover a phone line on any shared phone or replace your after-hours call service by simply transferring the line to another phone or even your cell. The phone line is not tied to a specific phone or workstation, so you can stay connected anywhere anytime.

How to Get Started

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