Telephone System Upgrade

Renovations and office moves provide a great opportunity to upgrade phone systems. However, Sunco’s technicians are able to install new systems quickly and with minimal disruption to your business operations so you can feel comfortable upgrading at any time.
By standardizing your offices into one network system you will increase your efficiency and optimize costs.
Yes. Nortel no longer manufactures products or offers support for its systems. Although Sunco is able to provide support for Legacy Systems including Nortel, the only equipment available will be second-hand or refurbished sets. Using these older phones also means that you can’t take advantage of new features and functionality. We recommend that our customers upgrade their Nortel systems.
Every business is different, but there are a few generic reasons why a system upgrade could be the right decision:
  • New features are now available that help businesses operate more flexibly, effectively and productively.
  • The world is beginning to communicate very differently, using texts, social media, video chat and more. Responding to this change will be key for everything from customer service to employee satisfaction.
  • A phone system’s life is approximately five years. After that, there is an increased risk that it may go down. New systems are less likely to fail and can protect business owners from disruptive and costly emergency situations.
By completing our free telephone bill audit, many of our customers find they have been overspending on their phone services and can upgrade their systems at no extra monthly cost. Depending on your budget and business needs, we offer a range of different product and upgrade options. Get in touch with the Sunco team to discuss the right course of action for your business.