Professional Office

Absolutely! Sunco is here to help coordinate your move and ensure a smooth transition. Setting up in a new location is a great opportunity to review your current system and identify opportunities for system optimization. Contacting us approximately 2-3 months prior to your move date will give us plenty of time to customize, coordinate and execute a successful move plan for your small business. If you are considering switching to a fibre optic connection, you’ll need at least six months lead time. For more information about the advantages of fibre optic connections, read our blog post The Future is Fibre.  Need a telecommunications moving checklist?  Check out our blog post Telecommunications Moving Checklist.
In addition to quality control, call recording and time tracking provides seamless documentation of conversations which can be used for reporting and to track billable hours. You can even record calls with a secure watermark, which guarantees the accuracy of the digital recording. Digital voice call recordings can also be linked to your CRM software to ensure client records are comprehensive and complete.
Our free telephone bill audit can help with that. At Sunco, we like to say that “you understand your business and we understand ours.” Our business is communications, so we understand confusing industry jargon and can decipher complicated contracts. We’ll translate your bill into language you can understand so you know exactly what you’re signed up for. Quite often our bill audits uncover unnecessary costs, and many companies have been able to reallocate these savings.
Yes! This can be as simple as adding a direct line, using a local phone number for that area, and integrating it with your current system. Incoming calls are then easily directed to a single, centralized reception location, which can be anywhere. Combine that with the proper collaboration tools and your business will see immediate benefits in efficiency and productivity.
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and refers (unsurprisingly) to voice and data communication transferred over the Internet. An on-premise VoIP means that the hardware and servers needed to support your communication network live on-site, at your place of business. Cloud-based VoIP is hosted by a 3rd party provider. This can be a great solution for professional offices because there is no need for licensing, hardware or specialized staff. At Sunco, whether you choose a Cloud-based or an on-premise solution, you get the same great features.