Yes! Sunco is an all-in-one provider for all your phone system and wireless internet needs, which means you can offer extended care residents access to your existing system. Not only is this a revenue-generating opportunity, but it also simplifies installation and ongoing maintenance. No need to juggle multiple providers. Sunco becomes your single-point of contact!
Absolutely! Sunco can conduct a full review of your existing system and recommend options to integrate new elements or replace your system to enhance functionality and efficiency.
Wireless technology has dramatically changed communication in general, but there are lots of benefits specific to the healthcare industry. From hands-free devices that allow practitioners to communicate while maintaining appropriate infection control to custom-designed notification systems — such as WanderGuard® — that notify staff when a patient leaves his or her room, there is a lot of new functionality available to help healthcare teams deliver excellent patient care.
By using outbound call centre solutions to manage appointment bookings, such as automated appointment confirmation by voice or text, patients have the flexibility to easily confirm appointments or connect with reception to reschedule.
From auto attendant to call centre functionality, there are many options available to help enhance service. Sunco can conduct a full review of your existing system and recommend features to improve efficiency and patient care.