Data Networking

Many off-the-shelf routers are not properly maintained, meaning that security updates are not completed and software becomes out-of-date. This can cause your wireless network to go offline and business grinds to a halt.  If your wireless network is routinely going down, a network health check will not only get your office running efficiently again, it will secure your system and protect your business. Request a network health check.
It’s possible your data switches aren’t set up correctly. If you think of your data network as a series of highways, data switches act like traffic cops to direct different types of communications along different channels. Without proper switches, the signals get clogged up and interfere with each other, leading to poor call quality. Another possibility is that your Internet access is poor or your Internet connection speed is too slow.
Does your server room or data closet look like a tangle of unlabelled cables? Improper cabling is a common cause of workstation failure. Sunco can help by providing professionally installed data networks or by working with your company to upgrade or troubleshoot your current system. Contact us for a free estimate.
Sunco takes security very seriously and we work with trusted partners to make sure your data systems are secure. In general, wired systems are more difficult to hack than wireless routers. Remember to change your wireless password regularly and monitor your system to protect sensitive material and ensure no one is able to use your network for illegal activities. Talk to us regarding a network health check to make sure your business is secure.
If your data network wasn’t set up correctly, there could be a number of different problems behind the scenes, from pinched cables to inefficient data routing. Adding wiring or upgrading to a faster Internet connection could solve your problem.