Cloud Voice

It’s as easy as picking the phone and features you need, then plugging into your new Cloud-based network. Sunco is here to help with every step of the process, from communication design and installation to training and support. Ready to get started? Request a quote now.
A private branch exchange (PBX) is the telephone network used within a company for internal and external calls. If you’ve ever ‘dialed 9 to get out’, you’ve used a PBX. A Cloud PBX phone system is the same kind of network, hosted online (‘on the Cloud’) instead of via traditional telephone lines and cables.
Sunco works in partnership with Mitel and Panasonic, global leaders in business communication software, hardware, and services. Mitel desk sets are next generation IP phones with a range of high quality features including touch screens and LCD graphic displays. Sunco also supports Legacy Systems — ask us about integrating your current hardware with Cloud technology.
You can stay connected to your business from any device in any location. The best way to get a sense of the power of Cloud communication is to look at an example: Imagine that your office phone rings while you are off-site. You answer on your twinned personal cell phone and the charge is covered by your company’s contract. While you are talking with your client, another call goes to voicemail and you immediately receive an email transcript of the message. The length of your ongoing call is recorded and the client is billed accordingly. Cloud-based systems are easy, seamless, effective and less expensive.
Instead of using traditional phone lines to transmit information, Cloud communication providers host telecom applications, switching and storage on central servers and clients access their network over the Internet. This has a lot of advantages, from cheap (or free) long distance calls, to increased mobility and decreased infrastructure costs. In choosing Sunco, your data is hosted on servers right here in Alberta.
The Cloud isn’t floating around somewhere above us. Every company that offers a Cloud service has physical computer servers that store data in a central location. This allows users to access their files from any device. As an example, instead of storing photos on an external hard drive, you can now store them ‘on the Cloud’ and access them from your computer, phone or tablet at any time.
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and refers (unsurprisingly) to voice and data communication transferred over the Internet. An on-premise VoIP means that the hardware and servers needed to support your communication network live on-site, at your place of business. Cloud-based VoIP is hosted by a 3rd party provider. This can be a great solution for professional offices because there is no need for licensing, hardware or specialized staff. At Sunco, whether you choose a Cloud-based or an on-premise solution, you get the same great features.