We are open

Following the announcement by the W.H.O. declaring COVID-19 a Pandemic, Sunco wants to assure you we have a well-established comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place to minimize impact to our operations – we are well-positioned to continue normal delivery of our services

Our services can be done remotely

Many of our service offerings can be installed and serviced remotely, without any on-site visit.  We have arranged for orders to be drop-shipped, increased our self-service and help manuals on-line, and enhanced our technology to remotely connect.  

On-site service precautions

Additionally, we have taken many proactive steps to minimize employee risk of exposure and spread of the virus within all our Operations, or if an on-site visit is required.  

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions regarding our response to this event or would like any additional information, please feel free to contact Sunco directly at 780-809-1786.

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