As your business evolves and adapts, so does your telecommunications system, and it demands more concentrated administration, support, and management. That is why Sunco now offers Telecom Managed Services.

What are Telecom Managed Services?

Sunco Telecom Managed Services provide your business with the complete and on-going telecom support it needs, including the management of data and voice services, extended hardware warranties, software upgrades, moves/adds/changes (MACs), and priority dispatching. But are telecom managed services right for your business?

Here are five signs your business is ready for telecom managed services:

1. Your Business Continues Growing

Time doesn’t stop, and your business continues to grow in both size and complexity, with many moving parts and a lot of overhead. Reliable communication is vital to connect work sites and ensure your customers continue to be served.

A specialized telecom managed services provider like Sunco takes the guesswork out of managing every aspect of your business telecom systems. With the fully managed package,  we run quarterly meetings to review your needs, audit your bills and basically future-proof your communication system to maximize its uptime.

Your attention should be on growing your business further, not micromanaging the phones and Internet. Leave that to us; we’re the experts!

2. You’re Having Difficulty Managing Multiple Service Providers

Saving money on phone and internet services is a jigsaw puzzle of hunting for the best prices among different service providers, a task so time-consuming and financially costly it’s likely to negate any savings found.

Good news: you can leave that to your telco managed services provider! Fully managed services mean we shop around for the best rates, negotiate with service providers on your behalf, and review all the contracts and bills.

Through a telecom audit included in all Managed Services packages, Sunco is often able to uncover large unneeded costs from various telecom providers. Managed Services and Voice for Business client, Northgate Industries Ltd.:

Sunco uncovered that we were being charged for a service that had not been provided to us for 11 years.” – Bob Kachuk, Chief Operating Officer at Northgate Industries Ltd.  “You need to be vigilant with contracts and auto-renewal clauses and we value Sunco’s support.”

Oversee your business telecom through a single point of contact, with confidence you’re getting the best service for the lowest price.

3. You Need Multiple Moves/Adds/Changes a Month

Your ever-expanding organization is a dynamically staffed environment, demanding multiple moves/adds/changes (MACs) per month. Sunco’s Fully Managed Service package includes MACs as part of your monthly bill, turning variable costs into fixed costs. Pay one predictable bill per month and always know where your money is going.

4. You Want Lower and More Predictable Telecom Costs

Your growing business incurs a greater financial investment over time, and its communications systems are no different. Sunco’s telco managed services feature extended warranties on most hardware, critical upgrades to keep everything up to speed, faulty hardware replacement in lieu of lengthy repairs, and no surprise costs. Fully managed services ensure your investment is secured and uptime stays high.

“Having a fixed monthly cost for the fully managed service makes it easier to manage our costs and budget accordingly.” – Bob Kachuk

5. Your Business Cannot Afford Downtime

Phones and internet are crucial to your business, and downtime is a luxury you simply cannot afford. Your telecommunication support services need to include 24/7 emergency support, priority dispatching, fast response times (emergency or not), expert advice on your telecom redundancy/resiliency, and preventative maintenance.

A good telecom managed services provider will meet and exceed these requirements.

Sunco Telecom Managed Services

Using Sunco Telecom Managed Services means being able to focus on your business growth and everyday productivity with confidence your communication system is managed in an efficient, cost-effective manner that maintains maximum uptime.

Our two decades of experience means we know the best way to support your business. Contact us today to see just how much time and money you can save with Sunco’s Telecom Managed Services!


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