Constant changes in customer expectations have brought challenges to the way businesses deliver the ideal customer experience. Customers tend to check your company website before contacting you. Most customers prefer digital channels like web chat, SMS, chatbots and social media. Mitel’s MiContact Center platform is designed to give your customers the freedom to interact with you on their preferred device, while giving your team the tools to truly manage the omnichannel customer experience.

Key Benefits

Benefit #1


To operate a world-class customer experience center, consider implementing built-in Workflow Designers, Speech IVR, AI-powered Chatbots & Agent Assist, Interaction Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Historical Reporting and Real-Time Dashboards.  With full customization, providing the best omnichannel experience is easy for both you and your team.

Benefit #2


MiContact Center is an intuitive and simple drag-and-drop interface which enables sophisticated interactive flows for all media types without complex programming requirements.

Benefit #3


Management can easily create & manage users through the administration interface, reducing deployment time from days to minutes, without the need for IT involvement.

Benefit #4


Your team can collaborate instantaneously to resolve customer inquiries upon first contact resulting in fewer transfers and customer call backs.

Benefit #5


Your team will be able to manage multiple interactions on a variety of channels through a unified web-based desktop or work directly from within your CRM. Fewer applications to switch between, means greater productivity and less confusion for a quicker client response time.

Benefit #6


Utilize existing systems with REST APIs and easily add non-traditional channels like WhatsApp, WebRTC video and IoT events into your workflows.

MiContact Center Features

  • Data-Driven Skills-Based Routing
  • Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, FAX, IVR, Chatbots, and 3rd party media
  • Self-Service IVR
  • Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech
  • Expected wait time and position in queue announcements and web display
  • Workflow Designer
  • Customizable real-time dashboards
  • Standard and custom historical reporting tools
  • Omnichannel case management
  • Outbound dialing and messaging
  • Google CCAI-powered Virtual Agent and Agent Assist
  • Scheduled and real-time callbacks
  • Agent/Supervisor instant messaging
  • Mobile Agent (smartphone) and Supervisor (tablet)
  • Silent monitoring / barge-in
  • Built-in Call and Screen Recording
  • Integrated Quality Monitoring
  • Built-in Workforce Scheduling
  • Integrated Workforce Management
  • Standard & customized CRM integrations via REST APIs and toolkit
  • Integrates with MiVoice Business, MiVoice Connect, MiVoice Office 400, MiVoice 5000, MiVoice MX-ONE and MiCollab UC