Mitel MiCloud Flex

Address your business needs with the control, privacy, and customization that Mitel MiCloud Flex provides for you.

You Can Improve Your Organization’s Communications With MiCloud Flex


Mitel MiCloud Flex is a comprehensive communications solution that lets your business serve your customers better.

Why choose Sunco for MiCloud Flex?

  • More control over communications lets your business adapt as you see fit for the best possible results
  • Enhanced privacy provides protection for both you and your customers and increases confidence in your business.
  • Custom integration to meet the unique needs of your business and its specific operations.
  • Advanced security measures in the cloud to ensure that service is safe and reliable.

Your business will enjoy greater flexibility with the versatility that Sunco can implement in your service.

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Mitel MiCloud Flex Integration From Sunco Benefits Your Business in Many Ways

Mitel MiCloud Flex Gives You Control


With dedicated hosting in leading, secure public cloud data centers, you’ll get maximum flexibility to create your own communications environment without the complexity of managing it yourself. With Sunco, you remain in control of:

  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance windows
  • Service plans

You keep full control over all of your upgrade and maintenance windows, and with several service plan options, you get the flexibility to mix and match service levels to easily adapt to changing or growing business demands.

Let the Cloud Do the Work


MiCloud Flex contact centers take advantage of cloud communications to let you deliver the same experience from multiple offices. Every location has secure access to:

  • Applications
  • Information
  • Customer profiles

Your contact center doesn’t have to be centralized anymore.

The Latest Communication Methods


Combine your contact center with your CRM or other business applications to deliver real-time customer intelligence to agents across any medium, including:

  • Visual voicemail
  • Voice email
  • Instant video
  • And more

Intelligently route everything to the right place at the right time with detailed customer profiles, making customer service a competitive differentiator for your business.

What a Flex Contact Center Can Do


MiCloud Flex boasts the most robust features available including presence-based awareness, instant video communications, voicemail to email, attendant console and much more.. Truly know your business with:

  • Data visualization
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Performance Dashboards

These features allow you and your team to collaborate smarter and more efficiently both in the office and wherever your team may be.

Integrate MiCloud With Sunco


Choose a cloud-based communications solution with customizable options and seamless integration with your current CRM, ERP and other business applications. Our implementations are:

  • Customized
  • Fast
  • Minimally disruptive

You get everything you need in one cloud and in one solution with the most robust features available.

Sunco Is a Trusted Name in Managed Communication Services That Can Help You Too


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Years of excellent communications services

Get the Best in Communications for Your Business

Sunco can show you just how Mitel MiCloud Flex can improve your workflows and management.

MiCloud Flex

Mitel MiCloud Flex streamlines communication

Collaborate Across Your Organization With Mitel MiCloud Flex MiCollab


Your MiCloud Flex integration includes the versatile MiCollab application for internal collaboration. Get the tools you need available through any device with this secure cloud service.

Sunco can implement your MiCollab to meet your specific needs, with both desk phone and softphone compatibility. The application provides access to corporate directories, instant messaging, point-to-point video, and so much more

MiCloud Flex communications system

Mitel MiCloud Flex puts you in control of your contact center

Take Complete Control of Your Operations With MiCloud Flex Contact Center


MiCloud Flex Contact Center is a core feature of MiCloud flex that greatly improves your ability to manage customer interactions. A wealth of tools and data let your organization deliver better service than ever before.

Improve response rates and accuracy with this comprehensive platform. Built-in analytics make it easy for your organization to continuously improve and achieve steady growth.

MiCloud Flex Contact Center

Mitel MiCloud Flex lets you work together anywhere

Your Team Can Work Closely Even When Remote With MiTeams Meetings


With Mitel MiCloud Flex, you’ll have access to the robust MiTeams meeting and collaboration tool. Reliable video collaboration is integrated in a way that provides seamless transitions between video, voice, and chat.

Your team will have the ability to work their own way and implement workflows that best meet your company’s unique needs. With Mitel MiCloud Flex, your employees are closer than ever before, no matter where they’re working from.