Telecommunications is one of the most difficult spend categories to manage. Companies lose 12 – 17% of what they spend on telecommunications as a result of unorganized telecom expense management.  Source:  Aberdeen Group

Managing your communication systems while keeping up with numerous contracts and lengthy, complex invoices can be challenging, if not impossible, for many organizations. Let Sunco expertly review your telecom spend and arm you with the information you need to make the right decisions!

  • We understand confusing terms and conditions
  • We understand billing procedures and contracts
  • We know current pricing and promotions
  • We know the best in class price points

Uncover Savings with our Telecom Bill Audits

Our comprehensive telecom bill audit can uncover costly things like:

  • Unnecessary charges/billing errors
  • Unused features
  • Outdated rate plans
  • Hidden auto-renewals
  • And more

Not only will we walk you through your bill and identify areas for cost-savings and improvements, but our team will also create a no-obligation action plan going forward to help you get exactly the services you need at the right price.

Lean into our years of experience to give you the best possible advice.

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