Replace Quick-Fix Remote Work Solutions

Extended work-from-home protocols have many businesses considering remote-work options for the long term or even permanently. As companies look for opportunities to reduce their physical footprint while keeping their teams safe, happy, and productive, they’re searching for more functional remote telecommunication solutions that will sustain working remotely for the longer term. 

Businesses that did not previously operate remotely were forced to deploy remote work solutions over a week or less. Many of the workarounds or quick fixes were for the short term but for many, the new normal includes a more permanent shift to remote work solutions that need to be secure, professional, highly functional, and cost effective. Here’s where Sunco can help.


Eliminate Unprofessional Voicemail Greetings and Dead-End Call Flows

Avoid greeting your customers with lengthy voicemail messages that ultimately tell them they need to hang up and dial a mobile number instead. In addition to call flow and hosted auto-attendant options, Sunco can help you set up permanent solutions that keep communication lines open while you work remotely:

  • Hot desking — Access your Mitel business phone line and all system features from any phone including a cell phone 
  • Mobile twinning — Pick up all incoming office calls directly on your cell phone 
  • Remote call forwarding — Forward calls to any phone including your cell phone from anywhere, at any time


Made-to-Measure Contact Centre Technologies

As management consultant Peter Drucker famously said, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Sunco’s call centre reporting tools provide valuable metrics and data you can use to manage and streamline your call centre remotely. 


With flexible remote work-from-home options, your contact centre team can continue to deliver exceptional service from home and can connect with clients by phone, text, email, web chat, social media, or fax. 


Permanent Remote Work Solutions Within Reach

We understand the challenges business owners continue to face as we navigate this new reality together. There are options available that can help make the switch to permanent remote communication solutions easier to manage. 


Whether you’re looking for remote work solutions or not, Sunco’s telecom bill audit can help you save money on your overall telecommunications costs. And our flexible phone leasing options help preserve cash flow, while giving you the tools you need to make remote-work solutions viable for the long term. 

Connect with us at 780-809-1786 or send us a message to learn more about upgrading your remote work phone solutions today.