Remote Work Solutions for Any Business

Sunco is committed to the health and safety of our team and clients as a result of the COVID-19 global health emergency.  We have enacted our own comprehensive business continuity plan to ensure, as an essential service provider, that we continue to support our clients, while taking necessary precautions to ensure the wellbeing of our employees.  Learn More


Create a remote workforce quickly and easily

Creating a mobile workforce is an essential part of your business continuity plan. Trust Sunco’s expertise and our full menu of remote work products to ensure your operation runs just as smoothly from a variety of locations as it does from the office.  In case of emergency, our solutions can connect your teams together quickly and easily and provide seamless communication with clients.  

Over the past 20 years, Sunco’s remote work solutions have been successfully deployed by countless organizations across western Canada including municipal governments, multi-location businesses, and accounting, legal, and medical offices. 

VoIP is the workhorse of remote work

The foundation of all remote work communication solutions is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  Staff can access all the features of your regular business phone system from any location, including advanced applications such as chat, video conferencing, voicemail to email, direct lines, calendar integration and availability status indicators.  Employees have the identical phone experience at home as they do in the office.

Here are a few of the ways you can connect remotely using VoIP:

  • PC softphone – Software is installed on your laptop and uses either the built-in microphone and speakers, or a computer headset.
  • Mobile softphone – Turn your cellphone into a VoIP extension that has seamless communication, chat and video calling, and all outgoing calls will display your office phone number.
  • Web RTC – All you require is your username and password to turn your web browser into a softphone with all of the same features and functionality.
  • Physical VoIP phone – Take your physical office phone home and work as you would in the office from the safety of your own home. Only requires a Power over Ethernet (PoE) to set up. 
  • Mobile twinning – pick up all incoming calls to your desk phone via your cell phone for seamless communication.

VoIP products keep you connected 

Sunco offers a variety of remote VoIP communication solutions to help deliver your business continuity plan and keep your employees safe and connected.

Some of our remote work products include:

  1. Mitel including MiCollab and MiTeam Tools – From IP desktop devices to wireless solutions and collaboration software, Mitel’s high-quality remote work product offering is extensive. 
  2. Panasonic on Premise – Panasonic products are trusted, cost-effective, and can be configured to suit your business needs. 
  3.  Voice for Business Cloud VoIP – Sunco’s hosted cloud-based solution combines the best of VoIP and cloud technology for a highly functional and flexible remote communication solution. 
  4. Hosted Auto Attendant – From any location, easily update valuable information and present a polished first point of contact for your callers.
  5. Remote Call Forwarding – Remotely forward incoming calls to any phone, even a cell phone. 
  6. Hot Desking – Log in securely to your Mitel business phone line from any phone, including a cell phone, and enjoy flexible access to all the features that your traditional workstation phone provides.
  7. Call Recording/Reporting – As employees migrate to working remotely, it is even more crucial to document and record calls to ensure productivity, efficiency and quality.  

Creating a mobile workforce has never been easier

Keep your teams safe and connected from any location with a Sunco remote work communication solution.   Contact our Remote Work Team today!


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